Limping into the new year

Tonight’s the last night for holiday lights.

The finish line is just around the corner. If we can just stay on our feet — never a sure thing — we’ll make it to 2019.

It’s been a week since I took my little tumble on the trail, and in that time I’d neither run nor ridden, reasoning that my crumbling temple of the soul needed a little quiet renovation.

Besides, it was cold out there. Snowy, too, and windy, with ice in the shady spots and everything. One of yis up north must have sent your miserable climate down here for a change of scenery.

Thus the cycling was right out. I’d managed a couple short, limpy walks, favoring that dodgy left knee, but skipped the resistance training ’cause my right mitt looked like a couple bucks’ worth of ground round. With a good thick bandage and heavy gloves I could shovel snow, and that was fine. Lifting weight with an actual purpose, don’t you know.

FInally, today everything seemed more or less in order, and as it started to snow again I tottered out for a short run. It felt weird at first; if you’ve ever tweaked a knee you know the feeling, the reluctance to put any serious weight on it, your stride having strayed, your mojo gone missing.

But gradually I loosened up and settled back into something like a rhythm, and while I pussyfooted around the icy patches I was able to shake off a few flakes of rust. When I got back to the ranch I even treated myself to a little quality time with the dumbbells.

No, not those dumbbells. I’m talking weights here. I’m still hoping to see the other dumbbells in the dock here directly. It’s gotta be Mueller Time one of these days.

As for the rest of yis, I hope to see you slouching around El Rancho Pendejo come the new year. Keep your heads in the clouds and your feet on the trail, and we’ll all join up on the flip side for another lap around old Sol.


5 Responses to “Limping into the new year”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    “…And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards El Rancho Pendejo to be born?”

  2. Hurben Says:

    Speaking from 18:19. 01/01/2019, happy New Year to you all

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    As they said here on the island of Ortigia last night as we counted down to midnight, BUON ANNO! We stumbled back to our apartment around 2 AM only to find our electronic keys no longer worked. More of that great technology!!! We had to wake up our landlady, who then had to call her son, who then had to drive over here from Noto and reprogram the gawddamn things that stopped working precisely at the end of 2018. Go figure, as they say.
    Luckily, she let us wait in her place on the ground floor…we finally hit the sack around 3 AM.

    • JD Dallager Says:

      Sounds like a latent Y2K issue to me, Larry. 🙂

      Nice new banner today too, PO’G. Snow in ABQ makes for beautiful pics, eh?

      Bibleburg got 2-3 inches of the white stuff…….currently minus 1F here in Black Forest w/ a high of 9F projected. No wind though, so should be fine outdoors for snow-removal and slow walking.

      Happy, healthy 2019 to all you Mad Doggers!!!!

  4. Pat O’Brien Says:

    The weather here has been completely un-Arizona like. We don’t have cabin fever; we have cabin blues. Snow again today, so I’ll grab the Ovation off the wall and exercise my right hand while my legs atrophy.

    Live long and prosper yous guys and gals. See you in May at the Santa Fe Century.

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