May Day

So, comrades, come rally. …

Up the rebels, y’all. And when you’re smashing the State, don’t forget to keep a smile on your lips and a song in your heart.

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15 Responses to “May Day”

  1. mike w. Says:

    Though cowards quake and traitors sneer, we’ll keep the Red Flag flying here.

  2. mike w. Says:

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Other than walking over to get our daily hunk of bread I decided against any other commercial activity today. May 1st is a much bigger deal here in Italy than in the US of A. I’m sure Dishonest Don will be celebrating workers today, right?

  4. debby511 Says:

    Happy May Day, comrades!

    Larry, Don the Con is probably celebrating the day, but recast as Smash The Workers Into The Dust Day.

    I was watching Michael Moore’s Sicko last night and it occurred to me how utterly screwed we are here in the USA, even with employer-provided health insurance. At the time he made the film, it seemed that pretty much every other nation on earth provided free healthcare to its citizens. Just a basic human right. Not sure if that is still true; it seems healthcare is under attack world wide now.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      With any sort of insurance, Debby. The other day a colleague was telling me about the joys of trying to get his insurance company to cough up the moola for some gear that got wrecked on the job.

      Naturally, he’s been paying premiums for years. Equally naturally, the insuror keeps bobbing and weaving, spewing an apparently endless series of fictions about why it doesn’t have to meet its obligations to him.

      “This is why people hire lawyers,” he told his agent after the third or fourth runaround. Exasperating. A simple concept gone horribly sideways. If instead of paying premiums he had put that money into some interest-earning account, he’d probably be able to buy his equipment and the store that sells it.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Insurance is a gamble – you are betting something bad WILL happen. The insurance company is betting that it won’t. They usually win…and even when they lose they win, as your example demonstrates. The only insurance of any type we have is what the law forces us to buy.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      So far, so good here in Italy with healthcare – we got onto the national service as students for less than $200 each. Once we can no longer claim to be students the costs go up but nothing like the US of A. When I looked into some ex-pat coverage a few years ago the agent asked if we wanted worldwide coverage or could exclude the USA? The price difference was astounding!
      Even before we spent the money to sign up, yours truly “enjoyed ” 3 emergency room visits including a CAT scan with a kidney stone episode last year. Total cost? 0. Healthcare is a right in Europe – it’s a racket in the USA.

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    The beatings will continue until we have more growth!

  6. khal spencer Says:

    I see the Univ of New Mexico faculty are threatening to unionize. You gotta really shit on faculty to get them to join a union but I guess the UNM figured out how to do it.

  7. Tony Geller Says:

    I was at that concert. It was glorious. They cut out Billy Bragg asking the audience to sing along using whatever translation they preferred. I was impressed that Billy thought this was an audience who would naturally know different versions of the Internationale and of course have their own preferred one.

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