Thanks, but no tanks

“Just another day on the set, people. Lights, camera, action!”

“Hey, you want to talk Mexican? Join another tank, a Mexican tank. This is an American tank, we talk American.”

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14 Responses to “Thanks, but no tanks”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    There is a certain irony to President Bone Spurs wanting a military parade. Its just another example of his infatuation with political strong men. I’m waiting for the goose-stepping storm troopers to show up.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Yeah, what is it with these chicken-hawks? Don the Con could have played war for real and even received a salary but for him “war” was avoiding catching the clap from the cocaine-sluts he was boinking. IMPEACH THE MOFO ALREADY!

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Hey private bonespurs, did you fart in my tank? Not cool, dotard.

  3. psobrien Says:

    Maybe god will piss on his parade. Fingers crossed.

  4. Raoul duke Says:

    Shit storm on him?

  5. B Lester Says:

    He’s gonna flip out when he realizes that there are only two tanks, not the 200 he probably wanted.

    Reagan was embarrassing, W was humiliating, words escape me with this pig…..

    The country hopes for his bursting aneurysm to be severe and final, and real, real soon.

  6. khal spencer Says:

    This sort of militarizing the holiday cannot end well.

  7. SAO’ Says:

    Nothing says “I support the troops” like making a bunch of them work a bullshit assignment on a holiday.

  8. Steve O Says:

    If you can’t plan a parade, good fucking luck figuring out cyber-terrorism or the global economy.

  9. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Happy 4th all dogs in this pack. Time to wake up and start barking.

    Khal, this day is the 15th anniversary of my retirement. Independence day indeed!

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