Fake news

“This is you, China: Eeeeyyyyuuuughhh!”

Ho, ho. Dealie McDealio’s fluffers say he’s not having “second thoughts” about wiping his fat ass with the global economy.

Of course he isn’t having second thoughts. This would imply that the man had a first thought.

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One Response to “Fake news”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    That Grisham is a GOP radical hack from AZ who used to work for a guy here named Gowan. She worked full time for the dumpster’s campaign while drawing full time pay as an AZ state employee working for Gowan. This turd, like his buddy Griffin, jump from the state senate to house to avoid voter approved term limits. Do the GOP lemmings in AZ notice. Hell no. Grisham fits right in with the dumpster. The truth is not in her.

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