Wish you weren’t here

Uncomfortably dumb.

“Miley Cyrus plays Pink Floyd?”

All in all, you’re just another shtick in the mall.


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7 Responses to “Wish you weren’t here”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Oh well. They are trying. But, the dumpster is not funny anymore. I wish one white press corps member would stand up in the middle of one of his press conferences, throw their badge on the floor and say, “ I can’t listen to this bullshit one more second,” turn their back, and walk out.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      White HOUSE press corps member.is what I meant to write.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I guess CNN and the print pool reporter grew a pair the other day when some White House goon tried to evict them from their reserved seats. “Go fuck yourself” is a loose translation. Both reporters stayed put, and Orange Hitler stalked out of the “briefing” without taking questions.

      So, yay. Winning, etc.

  2. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Meanwhile back in the competitive cycling world…..Herb made a solo breakaway that covered 18 miles on a very rare day in Michigan when there was an orange thing in the sky that seemed to give off both heat and light. The fact that there was NO ONE, not a soul to be seen on the course tested his nerves as he thought he actually might be hallucinating. But reality slapped him on his fat ass on the return leg as a stiff 20 mile an hour wind hit him square in the face bringing his speed down to almost that of a teenager getting out of bed in the morning. Although NO ONE was waiting at the finish line, a squabble broke out between Herb and his bike, both blaming the other for being slow-out of riding form-not enough kit-go ahead pick an excuse.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Well done, sir. Herself and I rolled out yesterday for a nice 90-minute ride — with temps in the 70s, I shit thee not.

      It was a veritable Wild Kingdom out there. Leaving the house we saw the aftermath of a hawk attack on a dove (only feathers remained). Further along the quail were everywhere, as were the hummingbirds, and also, and too, the deer.


      Deer in the foothills | Photo by Herself

    • Shawn in the Gorge Says:

      The wind is your friend.. It makes you strong and cleanses the sweat off your brow. and it makes you a rethink your word of the day when you’re also pulling a hill. If you ever decide to pedal through the Columbia River Gorge toward Portland on a nice spring / summer / fall afternoon, don’t say you weren’t warned…

      If I would have went out for a ride yesterday, I would say that I might have had a nice day with light 15mph winds.

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