Socially and vertically distancing

Herself burning up the road to the Sandia Peak Tramway
on her trusty Soma Double Cross.

Here we see Herself motoring up Tramway Road as some stove-up auld fella pauses to take a snap with his obsolete iPhone SE.

The auld fella, who was aboard a Soma Saga, may have been feeling the effects of a couple days’ worth of yardwork. But he’ll probably blame the ankle. Or Obama. Or the fake news.

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34 Responses to “Socially and vertically distancing”

  1. JD Dallager Says:

    You and Herself ROCK! You’re a blessed man, PO’G with that beautiful lady!! Mind your manners!!! 🙂

  2. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Of course you can blame Bronco Bama. He can take the rap. Did it for 8 years with nary a lie, gaff, tirade or tweet. If only he could run….ah stop dreaming. Maybe Joe the Biden learned a thing or two from hitching to Bronco Bama’s wagon?
    Plenty O Rain with flood warnings here in the mitten state so no bike riding today. Or tomorrow or the next day it appears unless you love cleaning your drive train and hydroplaning around corners.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Warmish in these parts lately. Red-flag warnings and highs in the upper 80s. Why, you’d think we lived in Sierra Vista, Arizony, or sumpin’.

    • B Lester Says:

      Bronco Bama, eh? Well, consider that one stolen!

      Saturday was sunny and warm in Wisconsin, so me a two o’ me boyos went for a ride. Maintained the prescribed distance as we hadn’t been quarantining together. Riding under tender spring green tree canopies makes for a loverly morning.

      Then we had an impromptu backyard graduation ceremony for my daughter and her beau. Two freshly minted baccalaureate degrees busting out into the strange new weirdness.

      Funny couple, those kids. HS sweethearts that went to universities 300 miles apart, and kept the relationship going. They never cease to surprise me.

  3. BruceM Says:

    I think fake news is to blame. Love the blue sky!

  4. Michael Porter Says:

    Yup I’m used to a similar view when I ride with Michele and the road goes vertical. On a good day that’s about the distance there is between she and me.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Michele always was hard to catch. It’s the little powerhouses you gotta watch out for. Remember riding with Mari Holden? Trying to hold her wheel was like trying to draft a hummingbird.

      • psobrien Says:

        What’s really cool is when Mari gives you a big hug when she comes to get her spare wheels after a race. It was OK, she asked Sandy first.

  5. Charley Auer Says:

    Patrick, Sounds like whining to me and your not even old yet!

  6. Shawn in der Schlucht Says:

    Ahhh…I miss the blue sky of higher altitudes and long climbs over 10,000 feet. I hope that the Tramway was free of a mass-plethora of excessive hydrocarbon chuggers.

    We’re having a nice day out here but I pulled a neck muscle lifting a cup of java this morning and I’m bowing out on any rolling transport that requires me to periodically look over my left shoulder.

    • Herb from Michigan Says:

      Wow must have been one mega cup of java! Hope you don’t have what is termed “wry neck” which I fought for a long time.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      We were doing the easy side, Shawn … just up toward the base of the tram. I haven’t been up to the tippity-top the proper way since before we left New Mexico back in 1991, though I’ve ridden to the Doc Long campground a time or two.

      I miss those long climbs, too. I raced Mount Evans once, without distinguishing myself, and the Iron Horse from Durango to Silverton a half dozen times, which likewise. Wolf Creek Pass is another entertaining ascent, until Dedet Demet passes you so fast you think you’ve dropped your chain and get off to check.

      Back around Weirdcliffe, Hardscrabble Cañon was a beautiful 10-mile climb from Wetmore. If you hung a left at Mackenzie Junction you could do Wixsson Divide and the climb to Bishop’s Castle. Out of Bibleburg, Gold Camp Road was a fave. I always wanted to ride it all the way to Cripple Creek-Victor but never pulled it off. Doing it up Phantom Canyon from the Cañon City side would be a giggle, too.

      • Shawn in bicicletta con un sorriso nella gola Says:

        I was in Idaho Springs to do the Mt. Evans once. That was when the USCF began to crack down on non-snell helmets (The Monarch helmet days). Due to excessive student income I was using a Jay Adams Fly-away skateboard helmet that I had already used for a couple of years racing. The officials at the Mt. Evans signup wouldn’t let me race with Jay. Although I might have been able to scrounge up a helmet from another racer, I was pissed off enough to not try. They didn’t need another challenger for the win anyway.

        I’ll have to peruse Google Maps and check out the other climbs you list up above the Springs of Effluence.

  7. Pat O'Brien Says:

    It’s good to see Herself enjoying the bike again. She was off riding for a some time, no?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Herself is generally a fair-weather cyclist. If it’s iffy outdoors, she’ll run. And she really enjoyed her indoor exercise classes until The Bug® took those from her. When the plague came to town the poor sods who run the classes had just inked a deal to move into a brand-new space, an old Hastings big-box being renovated into a collection of shops selling various goods and services. What a kick up the hole.

      • SAO' Says:

        I feel for a lot of folks these days, and the ones who just launched a new biz are high up there on the list.

        Our favorite food truck on the New Belgium and Odells regular rotation had just leased a permanent fixed site for their long time dream of opening a sit-down restaurant. Worst part is they’re the nicest people, and they had put it off for a year because of a different health problem. They’re trying to scrape by with curb-side take-out, and we’re buying gift cards when we can, but the numbers just don’t work if we can’t turn this thing around.

        FYI, if you want to help local small businesses, a good starting point is:

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Some poor bastid opened up a java stop just a couple stoplights down the street pre-Bug®. Started with a double-decker bus parked in a strip-center lot, then expanded to one of the strip-center’s vacant spaces … just in time for the retail lockdown. I haven’t sampled the wares, because I have a bean grinder, water, and a coffeemaker, but still, damn.

  8. SAO' Says:

    You know you’re in for hard times when your 9 year old puts that kind of distance on you when the road points up, and she’s on a 20”er with only six gears. Old age and treachery can compensate for a lot of things, but physics ain’t one of them, so I might have to skip the e-bike and jump straight away to a Ducati if I want to keep up with her.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Ducati? The stuff of old motorhead’s dreams. One of these would work for me.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Those are really beautiful and fast bikes, but a little too much of a temptation to get dead for this increasingly old coot. I test rode a Ducati Monster back before I bought the K1100 RS and said “nah”.

        If I were in my twenties and could ride like the guy in that commercial, well, maybe. But I suspect if I tried that now, the only good news would be that my LANL life insurance is still in force so Meena would have a nice nest egg.

        I do recall in my twenties thinking it was really cool to let the sparks fly from the inboard footpeg. Then my college friend Bill got a full dose of Mr. Pavement taking a curve at close to 100 mph and hitting gravel; apparently the gravel trucks took that exit and there was a small bump there to toss gravel out of the beds. He high sided and shattered an elbow along with some other injuries. My girlfriend was on the back of his bike since it was brand new and he was showing it off (one of the original Honda Gold Wings) and fortunately, she low sided and slid down the road on several layers of clothing since it was spring in Rochester, NY. I was lying flat on my Honda 450 gas tank with WOT trying to keep up and saw the whole thing.

        I decided that night that motorcycle racing was for other people. Still rode rather spiritedly, but never tried to really push the envelope.

        Bill recovered and fixed the bike. Rode it to Tucson a couple years after the crash. He rode Harleys with the Legion Riders down your way. Died about five years ago of prostate cancer.

      • psobrien Says:

        It would be fun right up to the point of impact. If I wanted to end it all at high speed, I would have bought my brother’s Haya Busa and rode it back here from Illinois.

        • khal spencer Says:

          My family doctor has one of those. I occasionally tease him about it.

          I had a nightmare one night in college as I approached the drop dead date for either quitting NROTC or staying in the Navy. In the dream, I was riding my motorcycle into a cliff face at full throttle. Woke up in a cold sweat. Quit ROTC.

  9. Dale Says:

    Yeah, blame it on Obama. It works as far back as Vietnam and continues to Comet Pizza. Mark my word he’ll be blamed for the fall of Rome before November.

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