I vote ‘No’

There’s a “con” in “Constitution.” But not this one.

No, no, no, no, no. No. Fuck no.


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28 Responses to “I vote ‘No’”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Fucking douchbag will try to orchestrate a coup d’ etat by one means or another.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Wonder how many of his enablers will cross this red line?

    History demands that we pay close attention to those who still support him fter this tweet in congress and the administration staff. They need to be called out. The country would be better off without social media data collectors like twittler and facebutt.

  3. carl duellman Says:

    i’m thinking it’s just another distraction.

  4. Dale Says:

    Let’s be clear. This is the camel’s nose in the tent. Trump doesn’t want to delay the election; he wants to cancel it, and the one after that and so on.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      You are right Dale. No doubt about it. He is testing the waters and the loyalty of his supporters. He thinks he can become president for life. Worse than that, he thinks he deserves it.

      • Dale Says:

        What did Trump say when Xi secured Premier for life, “We should try that sometime”. The time is now it seems.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I think he’s laying the groundwork for a post-election “I Was Robbed!” tour.

      This would fit nicely with the perpetual sniveling by modern “conservatives” that there is a conspiracy to deep-six the right, though the right seems to be doing just fine at deep-sixing itself without any help from the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, and George Soros.

      It’s all A Rilly Big Shew to this pendejo. This Way to the Egress! Hur-ry, hur-ry, hur-ry!

      • Dale Says:

        Queue the Ed Sullivan tape from 1968 or so….

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        That he will contest the election and scream, “we’ve been robbed” is a certainty. That he will do everything he can to suppress the vote, question the validity of the election, and interfere with the election by delaying the mail and promoting propaganda is also a certainty. I think to downplay the importance of his actions is dangerous at this point. If re-elected, which might happen if Uncle Joe keeps fucking around with this VP pick, he will certainly continue his actions. This is the the most important election in the history of our country. It will determine whether our democracy, wounded and bleeding as it is, survives.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Daffy Uncle Joe is in a tight spot. He’s supposedly planning to be a one-term president, so the veep pick has some real urgency to it. We’ve come to think of the gig as “dude who goes to funerals,” with the exception of Darth Cheney, but this veep could be the face of the Donks going into 2024.

        This assumes that Biden-Whomever wins, of course. With a loss, all bets are off.

        I’m glad I’m not the one making the choice. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is just waiting to pounce.

  5. David Rees Says:

    And if you really want to be sickened more, read this:

  6. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Now that they have had 4 years of dumpster and turtle appointing and confirming their list of judges, the Federalist Society Co-Founder has found religion.

  7. Herb from Michigan Says:

    I picked Joe the Biden as the best choice before he even threw his hat in the ring. For chrissakes he was under the scrutiny of the entire world for 8 years and managed to come out the other end relatively intact. Are there better options? Yeah but they ain’t in the hunt nor want to be. It does bother me to read comments about Joe’s speaking gaffes. Most have no idea what it takes for him to speak at length without beginning to stutter. Look it up before you call him senile or out of touch. Dude has to work a lot harder than you do to express himself. For what it’s worth I don’t think we need a speech maker but someone who listens.
    His mind and heart are in the right place even if his tongue and palate may not be at times. For those that hold his occasional speech issues against him; I guess you wouldn’t have voted for FDR since he had some issues.
    Rally up and get all the way behind Joe the Biden if only because it scares the shit out of right wing mouthpieces and lackeys. Their reign is about over.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I read an interesting piece about Biden’s stutter a while back. It was written by a reporter who likewise stutters. The Atlantic? Mebbe. I’ll try to dig it up.

      • Moments later: Here it is.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Biden has talked about his stutter at length a few times when he was VP and during one debate, I think. The dumpster making Joe’s gaffes seem sinister or a health issue is par for the course for that asshole. I am behind Biden 100%, but, I think he is making a tactical mistake waiting so long to name his VP pick. It might not cost him the election, but it might cost him a clear win that no one can dispute. The whole key to this thing is turn out, tribal turn out. To an ex-management type who has seen analysis paralysis stall the best projects, I see the signs of it all over this VP selection. Joe has given away 4 to 6 weeks of effective campaign time.
      There will be a Biden For President sign in my front yard before the election. Haven’t put one up since Obama.

      • Herb from Michigan Says:

        I do agree the VP pick is huge. So huge that it’s worth this extra time to ensure who ever it is hasn’t got any hidden worts, tattoos or other things to crop up and bite Dems in the ass. The new administration has to be lock-stepped on the same porch and not be bickering or leaking crabby thoughts to the press. So it’s worth vetting the living hell out of the dudettes and if takes until end of August (it won’t) that will still be fine as in that time; the oh so winsome American mood can be evaluated and then better co-opted by the Biden team. Every day tRump steps on his little dick again and a guy I know that voted for him is now almost as anti tRump as me. As you Micks would say “it warms the cockles of me heart”.

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        You’re right Herb. I’m impatient, as usual. I want orange julius gone so bad it clouds my judgement. After reading the article Patrick provided, I am wondering about my memory. I could have sworn that Joe has talked about his struggle with stuttering while he was VP. Anywho, I hope they announce the VP soon and apply the coup de grace to the dumpster and q tip.

  8. Herb from Michigan Says:

    What y’all think about the idea of declining to debate tRump and deny him any free air time? I think it would be cool if Joe the Biden said “what’s the point of debating a pathological liar? (roll video of tRumps most outrageous lies coming from his own pie hole) Hell the American people are sick of being lied to by a grifter who has used the office to fatten his purse. Dammed if I’ll give him one more second of air time. C’mon, let’s vote and get this over with. I have work to do digging this country out of a huge bunker”

    • Peter W. Polack Says:

      Joe MUST leave the debate decision to Trump. Whoever chooses to avoid the debates will appear the weaker one.

      Regarding the stutter issue: Wanna place a bet Trump makes childish schoolyard taunts about Biden’s stuttering?

      Bet #2: After the words leave his mouth, his lackeys apologize for him, saying he “was just kidding”.

    • Dale Says:

      Presidential debates have not been actual debates for some time. The participants never answer the question, or properly rebut the opponent. They twist the reply to a series of talking points, or in Trumps case, a series of insults and name calling. My vote goes for no debate unless rules are enforced.

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