Run it up the flagpole …

The first Biden-Harris flag of the campaign season.

… and see who salutes. We did.



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11 Responses to “Run it up the flagpole …”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

  2. debby511 Says:

    Well done. Now you can sit back and wait for the death threats to come in.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Ho, ho. I’ve been getting those for years.

      Anyhoo, that’s not our house. There’s a sort of informal, unspoken political détente here in the cul-de-sac. I think I’ve seen one political yard sign in six years, and that was for a local candidate.

    • khal spencer Says:

      In my neck of the woods, the lovely Democratic People’s Republic of Santa Fe, one might get death threats if one put up a Trump/Pence sign. Not that I was planning on it. Besides, if I did, I would find all my worldly possessions sitting in the street.

      There was a big Trump sign waving party at the corner of Cerrillos and St. Francis the other day. Sure did surprise me. Fortunately, no shots rang out.

  3. si little Says:

    huzzah, huzzah!

  4. Pat O’Brien Says:

    I will have a Biden Harris sign in my yard. I thought about being discrete, but not after the last 8 months. It is a free country, sorta, kinda, and after being surrounded by trump signs 4 years ago, I will not be silent. Our HOA has rules about sign size and The dates you can display it. I can put it up on this Wednesday.

  5. Shawn Says:

    I took a look online for Biden / Harris flags and saw one site on Etsy that offered them. The seller was in Canada. Perhaps the Seller makes them up there (a requirement with Etsy), but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were made in a place other than Canada that specializes in making US flags. I’ll keep looking though. I need to compete with my neighbor, the Trump supporter up the street.

    • Shawn Says:

      Hey I know. I’ll just make my own flag that says “Re-elect Biden / Harris 2024”. That might get under the skin of the Trumpsters.

  6. Hurben Says:

    They’ve done it again, after their ‘Dump the Trump’ & ‘Impeachment’ brews, they’ve now come up with this beauty…

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