Continuing with our food theme, we consider the tale of three hungry fellas who got busted for boiling a pair of chickens in one of the geothermal features at Yellowstone National Park.

What, there wasn’t a Chik-fil-A in that neck of the peckerwoods? The National Park Service must be too busy kowtowing to the e-bike lobby to take care of important business. When Bubba has to boil his own birds at a campout, goddamnit all to hell anyway, the terrorists win.

Anyway, it proved a pricey meal. According to The Guardian, the three were banned from the park and received fines ranging from $540 to $1,250, plus probation.

And two did a short stretch in the stony lonesome, where the dining is anything but al fresco and the menu less inventive.

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7 Responses to “Poachers”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    They are lucky they only got jail and a fine. Couple years ago, some eejit decided to take a hot bath and was never found again as the hot springs are hot and acidic, like you would expect a geothermal feature to be…

    Dumbness never sleeps.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    That’s pretty chickenshit to jail and fine them. Reminds me of a song.

  3. Shawn Says:

    It sounds like something I would have tried (in the past of course) at Yellowstone during an off-season visit. But I would have done so when nobody but me and my drinking buddies were around, and with my well thought out scientific knowledge (hichup!) insuring that the chicken was not altering the thermal environment (with the exception of some tasty chicken juice) and I wasn’t putting myself in boiling water. (hichup!).

    Ahh How I miss the days when idiots could be idiots and we didn’t bother with rescues because everybody knew that there were no rescues and our bodies wouldn’t be recovered until summertime when they could be shoveled into a wheelbarrow.

    Yep, nowadays we need to keep the floating corpses out of the thermal pools so the tourists will be in the mood to spend money buying food and trinkity souveners in the lodges.

    Book: Minus 148 Degrees by Art Davidson – The part about where they were down off the mountain and hiking out on the glacier after the event and a US Army chopper flew down to rescue them. They said they didn’t need rescuing. They were already down off of the mountain and halfway to Talkeetna.

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