Seeing red

Turkey enchiladas in red chile after somebody’s been at ’em.

Even though we’ve mostly been steering clear of restaurants since March because, well, y’know, PLAGUE, an’ stuff, we eat quite a bit of Mexican food.

It’s not pro Mexican food, mind you. Category 3 at best. I missed my start time and will never catch the likes of Lucy Martinez, the enchilada-slinging mother of my old hermanos Larry and Jim.

Lucy could whip up a few platillos de comida mexicana in less time than it takes me to remember where I left my spatula. And while holding up her end of a rambling chat with a kitchen full of stuporous pendejos fresh from an long night of questionable behavior, too.

I may be slow, but I do get there, eventually. My green chile sauce is serviceable (as far as Irish green goes, anyway), but my red sauce is still hit and miss. The recipe I’ve been most successful with is this one, from the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

Last night I had a bunch of filling that didn’t get used in the previous evening’s turkey tacos, but I didn’t feel like a second round of tacos. So, boom, enchiladas it was.

I started with a 50-50 mix of Hatch chile powders (hot and mild), and recalling that I undersimmered my last batch of sauce, leaving it a little thin, I oversimmered it this time and had to add a little water to loosen it up a tad. Live and learn, they say. Riiiiiiight.

After the foil-covered Pyrex spent 20 minutes in the oven at 350° I topped the enchiladas with grated Kellygold Skellig, and gave ’em a few minutes under the broiler. Yum, yum, gimme some. Sides included potatoes roasted in red chile (another Santa Fe School of Cooking recipe) and a green salad.

The best part? Leftovers.

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9 Responses to “Seeing red”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

    We are cutting our in restaurant eating to none. There were two places we went that were taking all the necessary (mandated) precaution plus more. And, they had patio dining. Looks like we are back to curb side pickup, and little of that. I expect Arizona to go the way of NM soon.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      After my second doctor’s appointment for the broken ankle we grabbed a bite in-house at the Weck’s on Juan Tabo. This was the last week of February, before the shit hit.

      Since then we’ve had takeout three times, I think. Once from Sushi Xuan, in May, when we bought dinner for Herself the Elder’s assisted-living home; the second, this month, from Il Vicino; and the third, from Sushi Xuan again (Herself the Elder’s birthday meal).

      We haven’t risked a sitdown anywhere, even under a tent in a parking lot. I hate like hell to see good restaurants suffering, but since I already have to go to the grocery anyway, I’m sticking with my limited skill set and my own kitchen.

      My favorite local beanery, El Patio, is way to hell and gone over on Rio Grande. An hourlong U-turn, which makes takeout problematic. Dammit all anyway. …

      • khal spencer Says:

        Beer Creek Brewery on NM 14 just north of Madrid had great outdoor seating where one had confidence one was not in spitshot or honking of anyone. But that got dicey when the temperatures went to hell. We last had pizza and a couple beers when the temps were in the fifties with a nice crosswind. The resident road runner seemed happier than we were.

        Yeah, this sucks all the barnacles off a three hundred year ship of the line.

  2. John A Levy Says:

    I pulled the last of the frozen hatch chiles out and made the Santa Fe school of cooking Green Chile stew ad it was a great hit with y espousa. I had a green chile recipe from the old Denver Post Empire Magazine that was the best with Beef and Pork but my wife started her organizing and it went away never been able to fin d any thing comparable. But with the holidays comin up I am craving the Tamales that always came up as fund raisers for the Penitenes and the pentacostals in Southern Colorado. Can’t find that north of Bibleburg. Oh well

  3. John A Levy Says:

    No my was green chile with pork and beef plus cumin, plus no potatoes and chile caribe, used to geting it from Fernandez Packing in
    alamosa. can’t remember the rest too much weed and nose candy back in the day.

  4. JD Says:

    PO’G: I’m sure there’s some allegorical, subliminal “teasing” you’re doing with the “Seeing Red” headline, but until they come up with blue chiles I guess we’ll have to go with red and green, eh? 🙂

    Se ve muy delicioso!!!!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      George Carlin famously asked, “Where is the blue food? We want the blue food! Probably bestows immortality! They’re keeping it from us!” I’m not sure he was referring specifically to chiles, but if they exist, and they do confer immortality, he clearly never scored any. More’s the pity.

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