Take a hike

Looks dire, but it wasn’t. Lots better than being indoors.

Yesterday I noticed a neighbor marching around her back yard, doing laps NASCAR-style.

A fine COVID-safe practice, this. And a great way to stay out of the wind. Still, dull as daytime TV.

My dusty Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ventilators were just the ticket for a stove-up old stove wrangler.

Herself bundled up and went for a run. I was still enjoying the consequences of a four-mile run on Friday (the ankle said I overdid it).

And knowing that I’d be spending a lot of time on my feet preparing Thanksgiving dinner, because I am an eejit who will cook elaborately for two people to no particular purpose, I decided to take a short hike instead. Wearing boots, not running shoes.

The menu kept revising itself as I walked. My initial impulse — turkey burritos smothered in the Santa Fe School of Cooking’s green chile with a side of Tejal Rao’s arroz verde — felt a tad minimalist upon reflection.

What about turkey enchiladas smothered in red chile with sides of green chile stew and Martha Rose Shulman’s stir-fried succotash? If I made the enchilada filling the day before Thanksgiving, I thought, I could use a bit of it for tacos Wednesday night, which would give me an excuse to whip up a nice pico de gallo and the green rice.

I could also do the stew in advance, because it gets even better the next day. The red sauce, too.

Shoot, Turkey Day is starting to look like a walk in the park. Today, however, may be more like a four-mile run on a bum ankle.

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5 Responses to “Take a hike”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    We started marinating the tofu yesterday. I managed to shear off a bit of my thumb shredding the ginger root, so the dish will not be totally vegetarian: tofu turkey marinated in spices, soy, ginger, lemon, and grated thumb. Other than that, I stayed off of running or hiking shoes or bike shoes as I seem to have twisted my knee in that little bit of bushwhacking I did the other day on The New, Improved Trail. Given it was cold, windy, and wet up here with a little bit of snow, rain, and hail as a chaser, seemed the indoors and putting in most of my remaining obligatory 60% FTE due the boss for this week was a better idea.

    Maybe get a ride in today after the obligatory house cleaning.

  2. Dale Says:

    Just the two of us tommorow. We are having a small roast chicken, fried oysters, boiled kale, beets marinated in onion and vinegar, and other stuff we will figure out as we go.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Pat O’Brien Says:

    What, no mashed rutabaga? Just a little butter, salt, and pepper and you are in heaven.

  4. carl duellman Says:

    We’re doing a turkey and a ham. We were going to do a goose but that never materialized. I am in charge of the pies, 2 pecan and 2 pumpkin. Very boring this year but there’s just too much going on to get into the cooking. Last year we did various types of schnitzels and it was awesome. Black Friday there’s a traditional 65 mile gravel ride though this year it’s shortened to 50 miles due to Hurricane Sally destroying some bridges along the route. I may or may not do the ride depending on my food hangover. I hope you guys all have a nice holiday!

  5. Shawn Says:

    The turkey is enjoying the briney bath right now. A few more hours and I’ll be smoking away. The turkey of course.

    You guys (the non-gender specific noun), Have a Really Great Thanksgiving ! Here’s to relaxing and enjoying the comfort of those around us and enjoying the distance between us of those who aren’t normally around us.


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