Flail away (the flip side)*

What is this, a remake of “McHale’s Navy?”
At least Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway were funny.

“Hard about, Mister Miller! New orders from Cape Treason.”

* More apologies to Randy Newman, and also to the crew of the Nimitz, who must be getting dizzy.

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20 Responses to “Flail away (the flip side)*”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Well, Miller passes his loyalty test. So, if you are a republican, you have a decision to make. Are you a republican or a trumpian?

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Uh, Captain, the rudder is stuck hard right….

    Boy, are we in 25A territory or are we?

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      Exactly right mi amigo. We need to 25 the 45.

      • Pat O Says:

        True dat. We need to, but it will never happen. Even if the cabinet turned against dumpster, Pence has his lips locked on dumpster’s sitting parts tighter than a gnat’s ass stretched over a rain barrel.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It will never happen. Sumbitch has more potholes, detours and dead-ends than a Bibleburg construction project, the key one being, “Thereupon, Congress shall decide the issue. …” Dudes can’t even decide what day of the week it is or which flavor of Kool-Aid to have with lunch.

  3. JD Says:

    The stakes continue to ratchet up as allies and friends around the world ponder and wring their hands about our nation’s vacillating, volatile, and immature leadership.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Anyone else read this?


  5. khal spencer Says:

    Oye vey…


    “The District Attorney of Georgia’s most populous county signaled a willingness on Monday to launch a criminal probe into President Donald Trump. …”

  6. Dale Says:

    I read the edited transcript of Trump’s phone call to the Georgia Sec. of State, and then my wife found the complete audio. If the act is not seditious we may need to redefine the word.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      These oinking swine have violated their oaths to the Constitution again and again and again with impunity. They are traitors to the spirit of that document, and a warning to the rest of us about customs, norms, and other practices that are not firmly codified into law.

      This lawless orange shitheap has done us one favor — he’s pointed out how fragile this so-called democracy of ours really is. Dude found most of the gaps in the fence and he’s looking for more as the clock winds down.

      The next greased pig the GOP turns loose on us will be smarter and even harder to get a grip on.

  7. Herb from Michigan Says:

    At least 8 bus loads of Michigan Trumpers have been chartered to attend the Washington protests tomorrow. Talk about determined and dedicated Americans. Determined to give each other Covid and in general show their lack of intelligence that is. I have this vision of them on their busses cleaning their guns, cheating at cards, kicking the seat in front of them with muddy boots and drooling while they eat more pork rinds. Oh and “reading” bibles upside down.

  8. Shawn Says:

    Name that flick without looking it up… “The Russians are coming”. I think.

    Trump? Didn’t he go to prison for tax evasion, conspiracy to commit a felony and fraud? I believe he finally died in prison. They sold off the properties that he owed money on to pay back all his debts. Trump Tower is an upscale apartment complex now owned by Oprah Winfrey. Melania was sent back to Slovenia after being found to have falsified her birth certificate – Her name is actually Monique Slutskya, she was actually 10 years younger and was already married to a Bosnian crime boss when she met Donald. Her husband (the Bosnian one, not Donald) was on the run for many years until they found him face down in pig slop on a farm in Morocco. Donald junior moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming and became intimately involved with one of Cliven Bundy’s grandsons. When the story came out about the relationship, he escaped town in a stolen AMC Pacer and fled to Portland where he was last seen in a homeless shelter. Jared and Ivanka divorced after they had affairs with each other’s best friends. They were finally arrested and deported to Texas after it was proven that they were using illegal immigrants to carry drugs into the US. There was a back-alley rumor that Ivanka was chosen as best babe in the shower by the inmates in Huntsville. Kellyann Conway ended up getting hired by Mitch McConnell and soon “came out”. She had her conversion surgery and is now Burt Conway. She was arrested for breaking and entering, harassment and stalking one of Ted Cruz’s sons. Kayleigh McEnany left Washington and married some guy from New Mexico. She got into adventure sports and was last seen slamming into Wonder Bridge when she misjudged her trajectory while flying in her wing suit off of El Capitan. One of the rangers in the park was overheard as saying that “She really had balls.., but she lost them when she hit that bridge.” Mike Pence was killed in a corn field in Nebraska when he was campaigning for stage congress. He was chasing after a farmer driving a combine and was run over when the farmer made a u-turn at the end of a corn row. Ironically, the driver of the combine was Steve Bannon. But Steve got his in the end when he was later killed by a vintage typewriter thrown off of a second floor balcony. Sean Spicer was later arrested for the crime when surveillance footage was presented that showed him jumping up and down and screaming like a high school cheerleader. I don’t think anybody from that administration came out well in the end. Well maybe one person did – Bill Barr moved to Hungary and opened a pork rind factory financed by Viktor Orban. I understand that business is quite good. Orban has mandated the inclusion of pork rinds into the school lunches of Hungarian children. That’s what I heard anyway. Some guy named M. Ons was telling me all this. Perhaps I was sleeping at the time.

    • Dale Says:

      Good one Shawn.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      You forgot Eric Trump, who was arrested after police found the severed heads of the entire membership of the Palm Beach Young Republicans Club in a walk-in freezer at Mar-a-Lago. Eric claimed he was only using them as bowling balls but they were all wearing Melancholia Trump’s personal cosmetics, and forensics found his fingerprints on the ears and his DNA in … oh, God, I can’t go there.

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