Look for the union label

One big … union?

Hee, and also haw. This just in: Outside‘s editorial staff wants to unionize.

“Since the start of @outsidemagazine almost 45 years ago, we’ve been providing intrepid coverage of those who dare to push the limits of what we think is possible. So today, we are proud to announce that the Outside magazine editorial staff is forming a union,” 15 of 17 eligible Outside workers wrote in a tweet, according to the NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America.

You won't find this item in the Outside+ catalog.

You won’t find this item in the Outside+ catalog.

They will become part of the Denver News Guild Local 37074.

The Outside crew is asking Outside Inc. to voluntarily recognize their unit, according to NewsGuild-CWA. Yeah, good luck with that. You fuckin’ aroun’ in Robin’s ’hood, son.

Frankly, I can’t see that the Guild has had much luck over the years when it comes to saving the scribblers at the Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, or The Pueblo Chieftain from a vicious diddling at the plump, manicured hands of the robber barons.

Personally, I would’ve signed with the International Workers of the World. At least the Wobblies get to sing.

Still, up the rebels and all that. Damn the Man, full speed ahead!

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8 Responses to “Look for the union label”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    I wish them luck. I am proud of the day that a scab tossed me over the hood of his pickup truck when I was a strike captain, Univ of Hawaii Professional Assembly. Unfortunately, Hawaii had bitchin’ nasty gun laws. Shoulda had my compound bow that day.

  2. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Or maybe the Fraternal Association of Steel Haulers.

  3. Pat O’Brien Says:

    The oligarchs are restless. Workers getting all uppity again.

  4. SAO' Says:

    They couldn’t wait until May 1st to announce this? Kids today, always in a hurry.

  5. GeekonaBike (@GeekonaBike) Says:

    I wish them all the luck, but I gave up on that formerly great rag almost a decade ago when it changed in the rec industry shill it is today.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, some of these magazines ain’t what they used to be after the vulture capitalists wet their beaks. And Outside was always a pain in the ass to work with.

      Hal Walter and I did a bit of this and that for them Back in the Day® and while the pay was great, nothing else was. They were so enamored with their house style that Hal and I often joked that our bylines were the only words we wrote that actually made it into print or online. The worst sort of editing, editing for the sake of editing in order to look busy and justify one’s salary, the kind of editing that removes all individual voice and/or introduces errors into the copy.

      Bicycle Retailer and Industry News is down to two full-timers now, which as you might suspect is a few bodies shy of covering bicycle retail and industry news. VeloNews is whatever it is now. I quit reading it years ago.

  6. DownhillBill Says:

    VeloNews used to have some great cartoons before they shot themselves in the feets.

  7. SAO' Says:


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