Walk, perp

I’m not ordinarily a fan of screen grabs, but this grabbed me from my screen, so. …



16 Responses to “Walk, perp”

  1. matlinp Says:

    While I am definitely happy to see this at long, long last, I’m not holding my breath on a trial – he’ll drag this out long past the lifetime of most of us (maybe even himself!).

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Saw that. Would love to see the guy with the orange hair in an orange jump suit.

  3. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    I was just chatting online with my old pal Steve Frothingham, a former Associated Press scribe, and we were recalling what fun this would be in our old jobs — ordering dinner delivered, shitcanning the front page, reconvening the daily editorial meeting. …

    Of course, now, before the press even cranks up, the 24/7 News-O-Mat 9000™ has shot past the hot take into the what-ifs, the extended thumbsuckers, and the roundtables of Deep Thinkers opining on which Secret Service dude will be the poor son of a bitch who has to bunk with Adolf Twitler if they jug him.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Would be nice to know what charges are being brought. The sick part according to the NYT is even with a felony conviction, the PoS can still become POTUS. Or, I guess FOTUS.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It’ll be days before we get that news, unless someone leaks it. In the meantime, Don Cornholeo gets to rave at length about whatever crawls in under his rug.

      From the NYT:

      Two people with knowledge of the matter said Mr. Trump was expected to turn himself in and face arraignment early next week, at which point the specific charges will be unsealed.

  5. JD Says:

    Quote by Sun Tzu: “The wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine”. Trump Espresso, anyone?
    BUT, I gotta agree with MATLINP. And hoping I’m terribly wrong!!
    Stay tuned …. $$$Millions to be made and spent on this topic over the next many years ….. BUT, is anyone above the law? YES/NO only please!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I think the law runs on two tracks. You get caught stealing a bottle of Ripple from a bodega, you get beat on the kidneys, bracelets on the wrists, and your ass dumped into Rikers. You get caught doing what they call “white-collar crime,” you are invited to surrender whenever it’s convenient and released on your own recognizance.

      Crypto-pirate Sam Bankman-Fried got sprung to go live in Cali’ with his mommy and daddy, both Stanford law profs. You gotta steal big or go to the Graybar Hotel, is what.

      • JD Says:

        It’s a Yes or No question, Counselor. YES or NO?
        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        JD, it’s not a question of being “above the law.” It’s about being invulnerable to it. Watching the law step into the ring with someone like Adolf Twitler is like watching Woody Allen fight Mike Tyson. It’s strictly an exhibition match.

        • JD Says:

          PO’G: I defer to your wisdom and semantics obfuscation (had to look that word up!).
          S -o-o ….is anyone in the US “invulnerable” to the law? YES or NO?
          My answer is YES ….. but they shouldn’t be!
          Over to you good readers!! 🙂

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      Yes. It’s been going on for years.

  6. Julian Shapiro Says:

    May it be the first of many.

  7. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Being indicted is serious shit. Facts matter in court, and he won’t be able to bullshit his way out of this. I just hope his ego causes him to testify when the lawyers tell him to clam up. Then he will convict himself. I hope the DA hires Liz Cheney to cross examine his ass.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I’m a reasonable fellow. I’d be happy with seeing Ginger Hitler wearing front-mounted handcuffs to his felony arrest processing and to his arraignment, especially if he stroked out during a full-tilt, 2,000-watt, foam-flecked, pants-pissing screed outside the courthouse afterward.

      Like I said. Reasonable.

  8. Si little Says:

    Comer will get the DA’s files and give them to the defense. Bets?

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