Winter, discontent, etc.

Well, son of a bitch. There is a winter storm warning between me and points south. It seems a pile of snow is anticipated in Trinidad, Sex Change Capital of the World, and if it closes Raton Pass I will be in something of a time bind.

I do have a substantial cushion — I don’t really need to be in Tucson until Saturday afternoon. But I like to take my time on road trips, savoring this, that and the other, and this friggin’ storm may cost me some much-anticipated eating, drinking and soaking time in Santa Fe.

At moments like this I can understand why some people fly. Buy the ticket, check your luggage, fork over $175 each way to take a bike along, sample any number of airborne viruses while strapped down in your pressurized aluminum tube, reassemble the bike at your destination — assuming that (a) it and your toolkit get there, and (b) none of your stuff is destroyed — do your ride, then repeat the whole process in reverse, only this time with a severe upper-respiratory infection and an $8,000 bike with a dent in the down tube and an inexplicable stain on the saddle.

Y’know, come to think of it, driving a Subaru Forester packed to the gunwales with bike crap, journalism tools and camping gear through blizzard conditions seems kind of pleasurable by comparison.

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  1. Joey Says:

    If you’re going to be driving through a blizzard on pavement or a maintained dirt road – anything short of real off-roading, actually – you could do a hell of a lot worse than a Subaru. Mine has taken me into, out of, and through more than I care to think of right now. (Alas, here in SoCal it appears to be an ill-fitting piece of mountain memorabilia. As, it would seem, do I – what, thrift-store clothing, steel bikes, and scruffy beards aren’t “in” right now?)

    Good luck getting to AZ. Be careful in the snow, AND in snowbird land once you get there. Lots of older drivers there – you know, the kind that can barely see over the steering wheel due to size and can’t see anything beyond it due to eyesight, or lack thereof.

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Hey, watchit Patrick or I’ll take my “have a good time” wish back — you’re treading on my livelyhood and passion here. Not the aluminum tube, germs and extortion for flying your bike but your Subaru won’t drive you over here to Italy to savor “la dolce vita in bicicletta” no matter what you do to it! No question airline travel sucks but until time-travel is perfected you pretty much have to endure the airplane hassles to enjoy cycling in Italy. We rent good bikes to avoid the baggage extortion to boot. As my wife says, if people wait until doing something is cheap and easy, they most likely never get around to doing much of anything– except perhaps sitting home and bitching. That last part was my addition, not hers!

  3. steve o' Says:

    Even thinking about flying makes a Zinn with SS couplers look like such a smart idea. Hell, even just for folding it up into the back seat so it’s not out there on the rack with the bugs and bus exhaust.

    Might want to shell out $29 for an iPhone-to-car stereo adapter. Download the entire Spilled Milk podcast series. They’re the Car Talk of the food world.

    And if you get into any trouble, ask yourself, WWPD? What would Pádraig do?

  4. chris Says:

    Godspeed, you godless infidel.

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