Rubber side down, boys

Well, sheeyit. I didn’t get out for that bike ride after all. Family commitments, shopping and what have you. I did ride the Vespa for a while, which counts as exercise only because I was fighting a fairly insane wind. And earlier in the day I did twitch and cringe a few times as three crashes marred the final 3km in stage one of the Tour de France. That’s aerobic, right?

I’ve not seen an authoritative account of who did what to whom, but one theory has it that in the first significant pileup Cervélo’s Jeremy Hunt took out Rabobank’s Oscar Freire in a turn, and that HTC’s Mark Cavendish bit the bag as well. There was a Glasgow kiss being delivered there, but as I was watching via the Innertubes with bad eyeballs I couldn’t tell who was pitching and who was catching. To some, it looked like Cav’ was the guilty party.

The second asphalt inspection was a beaut’ that clogged the road from curb to curb. I think everyone went down in that one except for Phil and Paul.

Still, my favorite was the final crash in which Garmin’s Tyler Farrar found himself trying to catch Lampre’s Alessandro Petacchi with Lloyd Mondory’s bike stuffed into his rear wheel. What looked like a minor annoyance to him probably would’ve sent you or me to the hospital, or the morgue. Fine job of keeping the side up there, Hoss.

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5 Responses to “Rubber side down, boys”

  1. Darren Sherkat Says:

    I’m sure Phil and Paul went down later….

  2. steve-o Says:

    Tyler gets ripped off, and his comment is “that’s bike racing.” Good head on his shoulders.

  3. Boz Says:

    How about Andy Schleck’s pre and post race comments today after Fabian and Cadel towed his skinny little Teutonic ass across the cobbles. His manner implied that nobody thinks he can handle a bike and why should it be a surprise he rode well? Well, nobody HAD seen you ride the cobbles, so it was a surprise. Contador held his own, but Frank Schleck did not. I don’t remember a break like today’s with so many world and national champions in it. I was glad Evans showed what he’s made of, and Thor got the stage win after yesterday’s shenanigans. He had no real competition for the sprint, but then, he wasn’t as dog-assed tired as the guys that did all the work.

  4. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    I am so impressed with Evans this year. He has really worn the rainbow jersey well. He’s won me over. I wish he were a Garmin-Transitions guy.

    I’m not opposed to throwing in a cobble stage once a decade. It’s a not-so-gentle reminder to the GC riders that fans really do want a champion that can do well at everything–time trial, TTT, climb, descend, sprint, float or power over cobbles or gravel, ride in heat and cold and sun and rain and maybe some snow.

    The whole descending over oil thing from stage 2–that was a little over the top. Homage to BP?

  5. rustlust Says:

    Hammer of the Gods my ass!:–thanx b.s nyc

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