Hot spot, cool heads at BMC

Bravo to BMC for towing maglia rosa Taylor Phinney back to the bunch in stage 2 of the Giro d’Italia after a late mechanical left him off the back and in peril of surrendering his overall lead. And Mark Cavendish β€” well, what can you say about him that hasn’t already been said? Dude is the Joe Frazier of sprinting.

Finally, boo to the Giro management for permitting what appeared to be a pointlessly hazardous finale to an early sprint stage, when everyone’s already as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. With dudes bunny-hopping medians and a hard right-hander 500m from the line it’s a wonder more people didn’t come off in the final kilometers. I’ll look forward to reading what the experts on the scene have to say in that regard.

I gave Charles “Live Update Guy” Pelkey a hand with today’s coverage, as did the Fat Guy. Now it’s time for me to ride my own damn’ bike. Well, Cyfac’s, anyway. More later.

11 Responses to “Hot spot, cool heads at BMC”

  1. sachiwilson Says:

    I’m glad that makers are still putting out steel frames. They may not be the best choice for road racing any longer, but my gosh are they lovely for general riding. My main bike (a custom Rodriguez frm R&E in Seattle) is a copy of an old Holdsworth road frame. It’s just too sweet!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Seems like pretty much everyone has at least one in the line these days. Plenty at the low end, of course, for hipsters and commuters, but there’s some nice steel at the upper end, too.

      Now if we could just get product managers to quit putting friggin’ disc brakes on everything. …

  2. Libby Says:

    Phinney’s last minute mechanical was touch and go and yes the dangerous right-hander that the commentators have talked about for 2 days adding unwanted harm and drama to the stage.
    Nice to see the big crowds.
    Enjoy your ride.

  3. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    My ’74 custom Holdsworth is hanging in the garage next to my custom P 13 Paramount next to my ’83/’84 Campagnolo Technical Support “Murray” frameset, the last one of six built.

    • sachiwilson Says:

      My older son is still riding my old Holdsworth (which dates from about 1980), so it’s in good hands. πŸ™‚ It fits him just a bit better than it fits me, and that’s why I decided to replace it.

      • Harry Says:

        I had a Holdsworth of about the same vintage. God, I loved that bike. Fit me like a custom frame and disappeared underneath me on long rides. Sigh.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Man, I wanted a Paramount big time. Never got one, even though we had a Schwinn shop as a sponsor in Santa Fe.

      My oldest steel bike is a Reynolds 853 Steelman Eurocross β€” it was my third of five bikes from Brent, and I can’t quite remember when I got it. Nineties, for sure. A friend bought two of them from me, a CC with a slightly sloping top tube that today we would call a 29er, and a Eurocross. I still have two Eurocrosses and a time-trial bike. Now that is a thing of beauty β€” it’s my midlife-crisis sports car.

      My custom Nobilette is a wonder, too. Looks like it just grew, all by itself.

      What’s amazing to me is how cheaply these artisans work. Some folks freak at the thought of spending a couple thou’ for a frame and fork made by someone you can actually meet, chat with, even drink a beer with. But I call that a bargain.

  4. bromasi Says:

    Masi Gran Criterium “1970’s” I still take it out and ride it.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Always seems the Grand Tour planners, Giro in particular, love the twisty technical finishes…the riders not so much, can’t blame’em. Good to see the Kid from BMC get back on with the help of his train. They were haulin’ like (apologies to Mr. Liggett) “a grand prix motor car!”. Keep that boy in Pink til Italy fellas.

    Good on ya for helping out the LUG Mr. O’Grady. Glad you swung a leg over the old Iron horse, I too got out in the sun (in Seattle) on the 1979(ish) Miyata 912 road bike.

  6. Grumbly Old Guy Says:

    Gorgeous day for riding in Los Angeles.

    I feel that my 1988 Cannondale with the Crest toothpaste graphics is too new and/or mass produced to crow about, but the old friend fits, works and the frame is true enough that I can get around corners without too much drama while trying to keep the sticky side down.

    Glendora Mtn Rd. was crowded but the view this morning was spectacular from the top,

  7. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Here we go, “the Giro’s too dangerous….” Let’s remember the LOCAL folks in Denmark propose these routes to the organizers, so rather than rag on RCS, I’d wonder why the damn race is in DENMARK in the first place? The Giro routes are no more dangerous than others, including the big show in France in July. Phinney CRASHED, the chain issue was the aftermath. Interesting that the mechanic gave up trying to put the chain back on and went to get a spare bike while someone else put the chain back on and pushed Taylor back into action. Who was that guy?
    Steel bikes? Unless someone was paying you, why would you ride anything else? I could easily write-off whatever newest-latest, plastic-fantastic I desired as a business expense, but I want to enjoy every minute of my rides – so steel is the only choice.

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