What’s my line?

Man, did you folks see Roberto Ferrari take out Mark Cavendish and Taylor Phinney in today’s Giro d’Italia stage? Judas priest. Cav’ went down like someone shot him from the sidelines.

“I was doing my sprint. I didn’t see him,” Ferrari told Cyclingnews. “I don’t know what happened because it was all behind me, my foot slipped. I had to switch lines because another rider moved abruptly.”

Bullshit. He was trying to hit a gap that wasn’t there. Relegation was too gentle a punishment. Every rider on Team Sky, BMC or any other squad with a man on the deck should be permitted to queue up for a chance to kick Ferrari in the nuts.

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12 Responses to “What’s my line?”

  1. Mike Elmer Says:

    holy crap! I agree, the camera doesn’t lie. Total BS! All the squads with guys on the deck should take their turn kicking him in the nuts!

  2. khal spencer Says:

    That looked like a Cat IV move to me. JFC. Is Phinney badly hurt?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Hey, K … not quite clear yet. About an hour ago he (or someone using his Twitter account) wrote: “En route to hospital in ambulanza … stuffing my face with airport mini-sandwiches. #livingthedream Hah 🙂

      Late update: No broken bones, says BMC.

  3. bromasi Says:

    That is some scary shit, the dude did break his line and took a lot people out, kick him out or fine his ass.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Bro’, my colleague Andy Hood speculated via Twitter that Ferrari was “sure to be a popular guy on (the) flight to Verona,” having taken out the rainbow jersey and the maglia rosa with one dumb move.

  4. Jeff Cozad Says:

    A 90 right through Cav’s wheel. Smooth…

    Roberto better be looking over both shoulders. I’m really surprised all the Commissionaires did was to relegate & fine his sorry ass.

    Sounds like Phinney will be starting Stage 4

  5. brokenlinkjournalism Says:

    Not to be a contrarian here, but…

    1) It’s the Giro;
    2) Ferrari is Italian;
    3) See #1.

    Nevertheless if there are not any rules about being an idiot in a sprint then there really should be no penalty. Was it reckless? Maybe…but then again this is a sprint being contested by sprinters so there is always the chance that someone will do something less than ‘brilliant.’

    Should Ferrari be in the race? No.

    Should he be fined? No.

    Should the rest of the riders queue up to kick him? Sure, why not?

    An eye for an eye works out really well…

  6. Tom Says:

    Major props to the Liqigas rider (I think) that bunny-hopped right over Cav. Talk about split second reactions and amazing bike handling/instincts!

    Lets all Kick Ferrari in the stones.

  7. High Plains Drifters Says:

    “I was doing my sprint, I don’t know what happened” is going to be my new go-to excuse for just about everything.

    • High Plains Drifters Says:

      “so how did you come to be found laying facedown buck naked in the front yard with the sprinklers soaking your ass?”

      “I don’t know… I was just doing my sprint… I didn’t see what happened. “

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