Arrest day

Les flics came for Rémy Di Grégorio on the first rest day of the 2012 Tour de France, dragging him off to the Bastille on suspicion of using products other than baguettes and mineral water to fuel his race around France. Zut alors! Say it is not so!

His team, Cofidis, as you may recall, is all too familiar with this sort of thing. David Millar and Phillipe Gaumont in 2004; Cristian Moreni in 2007; the party never stops. Each time the team trots out the old zero-tolerance twaddle. Same shit, different day.

Come to think of it, Bradley Wiggins — presently wearing the maillot jaune in the Tour de France — was among the Cofidis riders who went home after stage 16 in 2007. I don’t suppose any of the cunts or wankers in the press corps will wish to shake off their bone-idleness, get off their arses and apply themselves to discussing those dark days with him.

Speaking of which, Sean Kelly, a man with his own flair for language — whatever language it is that he’s speaking — thinks that Wiggo’s press-conference tirade is an indicator that while he may be strong in the legs, he’s weak between the ears.

“Bradley has always been fragile,” Kelly told “A puncture or another upsetting incident can make him lose his head. Last year, (Cadel) Evans experienced some mechanical problems behind (Alberto) Contador, in the stage to L’Alpe d’Huez, and if it had been Wiggins, he would have panicked. But to win the Tour, you have to know how to stay calm, overcome adversity, whatever it may be — and that, I’m not sure he’s able to do.”

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10 Responses to “Arrest day”

  1. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, that was quite the ‘roid raging from Wiggo the day before he and his 110 lb boyfriend spanked Fabian Cancellara in a dead flat time trial. You think maybe the gendarmes got the wrong hotel?

  2. Mike OMC Creed (@Mike_OMC_Creed) Says:

    I love Wiggo, only because he hates Tennis as much as I do ! Wiggins — eight days into the three-week race — also had a dig at tennis with millions more watching fellow Brit Andy Murray in the Wimbledon men’s final rather than the Tour.

    He said: “Tennis is nothing. It only lasts 1½ hours.”

  3. Khal Spencer Says:

    Drug use in cycling? Time to break out the usual film clip.

  4. Libby Says:

    Wiggins has been foul-mouthed and foul-tempered for years. In the past he was a drunk dialer and drunk tweeter. Seems like he’s a dry drunk now.

  5. Khal Spencer Says:

    If you tire of bicycling stuff, go read Darren Sherkat’s screed on the U of VA over here:

  6. brokenlinkjournalism Says:

    And just when I was thinking that road racing was getting cleaner. (Note: cleaner is relative to what it was, oh say, 4-5 years ago)

    The only comeback I would offer in the Wiggins/Kelly spiff is: and how many three week races did Mr. Kelly win??

    Goodness gracious when does CX season begin!?!?!?!

    • Larry T. Says:

      As of right now, it’s Kelly 1 (the Vuelta) and Wiggo 0. It’s been written elsewhere but the sight of all these Sky boys up there around Wiggo while the other contenders are pretty much alone brings back bad memories of a certain Texan and his team – who now seem to have pretty much all admitted being doped. To me Wiggo seems robotic in his racing and training – not much excitement here….kind of like the boring run of wins by BigMig…”spank ’em in the time trials and hold on in the mountains” is not very exciting, no matter who is doing it. BRAVI to Nibali and Evans for attacking and bringing some excitement to Le Beeg Shew, even if (so far) it’s yet to change the GC.

  7. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Thinking about the dumb-ass things we all say and wondering why we hold athletes to a higher standard. Besides, it beats the pablum from the Nuke LaLoosh School of Public Speaking graduates that we’re typically stuck with. “Gotta thank my teammates … gonna give 110% tomorrow … “

  8. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Khal – Thanks! I see it’s now 3 down 2 to go with USADA.

  9. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Days like stage 10 will erase 1,000 doping stories. Can’t beat Jensy and Voekler leading the action.

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