Free at last

When a guy hasn’t had an actual job for 21 years, a long stretch of actual work comes as something of a shock to the system. I had a number of perfectly good reasons for quitting that last job, and “actual work” topped the podium.

Still, a man must earn, and thus I spent the last 11 days on the clock, and ain’t I glad that’s over. Now I can get back to viewing with alarm, peeing on various wingtips and riding the damn’ bike.

Today I played catch-up on the chores that had gone begging while I was locked to the money teat. I bought a metric shit-ton of groceries (including ice cream); treated myself to a new pair of running shoes from Colorado Running Company; went for a short jog; and got my old eyeglasses repaired while contemplating some new cheaters (I’m feeling a bit like Mister Magoo after an extended bout of pixel-pushing).

Tomorrow I’ll get back to business around here. I understand the Republicans are playing One-Handed Spit-In-the-Carpet in Florida. Won’t that be fun?



9 Responses to “Free at last”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Hope your wallet’s a little fatter after that ordeal. We just got back from “LA@5000ft” where, instead of watching paint dry at the chrono we used our time free of the family gatherings to do a little hike in Deer Creek Canyon. Got back in time to shower and watch the finale of the former “toasted sandwich classic” courtesy of NBC. Even though Heckel and Jeckel were confused and confusing as usual, I think the TV show was better than being there. Meanwhile, the sanctioned and unsanctioned dopers (and maybe a few non-dopers?) in Spain are taking a break today. I think I need to get outside on my own damn bike!

  2. Steve O Says:

    Does the presence of Isaac means God hates republicans, the same way He sent Katrina after the fornicators in NO?

  3. Richard Long Says:

    I can remember when the Party Conventions actually meant something; Nixon, as I recall changed that in ’72. Now, we get coronations. Nowhere near as much fun. Sad to say, I actually voted for the guy over Senator McGovern.
    But, I digress…
    So, getting back to Big Tex, now that he’s (once again) on the cover of “Newsweek”:
    He has “never tested positive for PED”; over 500 times. I’m not sure what terminology the UCI or ASO use, but, I believe the correct reporting format would read: “No urinary confirmation of substance abuse.” Or something like that. Just didn’t trip the proverbial Dope-O-Meter. So, either he and his ilk cooked the books and beat the system, OR, they were injecting/using placebo.
    Everyone knows what a great motivator Bruyneel is, right? JB convinces the boys that if they use his stuff, they can just fly. Right?
    None of the Posties/RadioShack/Disco team ever tested positive while LA was on the team. I think.
    Hamilton goes to his new team, is forced to work with people who can’t read labels on blood bags… you know what happens next. In utero chimera?? Really?
    FL goes to a new team, different supplier…BUSTED. Although it did prompt me to try different beers before the RAMROD.
    Using USADA’s own logic, it is “fully consistent with” (and here’s they key following phrase USADA omitted: “not diagnostic of”)… placebo.
    Brilliant, right?
    Do I get “extra credit points” for this pizza-fueled logic?


    • Larry T. Says:

      Right, it was all simply salt water. The reality is a) no test for EPO was used during much of Tex’ TdF reign b) no test for transfusions was used once the EPO testing was brought in. So he could have EPO’d up to the limit, then switched to transfusing once EPO became detectable. Add in stalling the testers while he has a shower or perhaps buying off the UCI to toss any positive results and you could drive the proverbial semi-truck through the holes in the testing regimen of the period.
      But when Tex came back things had changed and it seems they also have bio passport evidence of his rule-breaking now. He’s gotta be asking himself why the hell he made that ill-fated comeback.
      I think if he’d been smart enough to stay retired after his 7 TdF “wins” NONE of this would have happened. What do they call that? HUBRIS, I think.

  4. thebulldogedition Says:

    From one rabid dog to another, if this doesn’t make you spit your coffee, etc., etc.

  5. Debby in Crestone Says:

    Always good to generate a little income. Also good that the work doesn’t end up owning you! I just received my first check since walking away from the energy vampire job back in March. Only $150, for a little PHP work.. But it’s a start.

  6. Ira Says:

    God is probably too busy deciding the outcome of football games to have much time for the Repugs, but you never know.

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