The real Tampa Bay buccaneers

The chefs and proprietors of The Local enjoy a chuckle despite it being 91 outside and at least twice that in their Chevy Step-Van.

Oh, Lord, am I ever glad that the likes of Charles P. Pierce, Ed Kilgore and Steve Benen are following this Floridian fuckery so I don’t have to.

There is something excruciatingly discordant in the keening of pirates who, after scuttling the Ship of State with pointless warfare and the dispensation of booty unclaimed from same to all their mates, have the effrontery to dress down the colored fella we hired to police up this mess for his failure to immediately raise the wreckage from the Mariana Trench in which they left it, tow it to drydock a la Jack LaLanne and then promptly outfit it as a luxury yacht for honkies who make extravagant bets with each other using other people’s money and call that work.

Thus after a quick whiff of the same old bullshit I sailed away on my Nobilette for a cruise through the Broadmoor, then fired up the Vespa for a voyage to the Colorado Farm and Art Market to take a few pix of a nifty startup, The Local.

This food truck is manned  (womaned?) by a couple of lively U.S. Air Force vets who are bringing tasty Mexican-American-Asian cuisine to the landlubbers here in Bibleburg. I’m talking burgers on a pretzel bun with bacon jam — yes, bacon jam — and Korean barbecue tacos.

I shot the pix for The Farm Beet, one of the many sombreros worn by my friend and colleague Hal Walter of Hardscrabble Times, and I don’t imagine that he’ll object if I post one here.

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8 Responses to “The real Tampa Bay buccaneers”

  1. Sachi Wilson Says:

    You’re a good egg, Comrade!

  2. Steve O Says:

    Wanna get sick to your stomache?

  3. Steve O Says:

    In the category of “solution to a problem that doesn’t exist,” are you going to review this anytime soon?

  4. Brian Smith Says:

    Loggins and Messina said it best…”It the same old Wine, In a Brand new Bottle.”

  5. Larry T. Says:

    Caught Bill Maher on Leno purely by accident last night. I agree with everything he said about the political situation at present.
    Picked up tix this morning to see the Muslim/Socialist/Kenyan who hates America when he comes here on Saturday. Line was long so I was pleased to see that not everyone in Sioux City is a KK….oops, TEA Party member. We might even have a chance to get rid of our idiot congressman Steve King in November as well.

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