Labored Day

Mister Boo contemplates the verities

The WordPress app for iPad apparently doesn’t let one add captions. I had to edit this sucker using an actual Mac. Go figure. …

Mister Boo is exhausted already and it’s only day one of the Labor Day weekend. Perhaps because there’s nothing to eat out here on the deck? Unless you count the delicious French rosé to my left, which I am decidedly not sharing as I fiddle belatedly with the iPad as a means of updating the DogS(h)ite pre-Interbike.

He can’t have any of the kung pao chicken that I shall be stir-frying directly, either. The Boo has a delicate constitution, and we have new carpet in the basement.

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3 Responses to “Labored Day”

  1. Libby Says:

    He does look pooped in that photo!
    What was Mr. Boo’s life before he met his angel, Herself, at the animal shelter? Did he come from a puppy mill or an abusive home?

    Downer alert:
    I first became aware of the breed when reading about the Romanovs. Their beloved Chin, (often referred to as a Japanese spaniel – same breed) Jem, accompanied them into exile and was killed with them.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Libby, Mister Boo was an unclaimed stray sporting a chip that was never activated for some reason. He was in the Society’s care for about three weeks without being adopted and Herself feared that the End Was Near, so bingo! We had a dog.

      He hasn’t exactly been a day at the beach, what with the bladder stones, the eye issue, a limp that comes and goes, and a vexing habit of peeing on his front legs. He won’t lift a leg in the backyard, just pees on all fours (or to be more accurate, on the front two). As a consequence I occasionally call him Professor Limpy von Pissenfooter.

      But he’s a funny little guy, and Herself worships the ground he pees on, so whadda ya gonna do? I must take some video of him acting the fool.

      • Libby Says:

        Well, his backstory must be very sad. I bet he was from a puppy mill because of all of his health issues. Probably micro-chipped early in life and then the breeder realized he had problems and eventually given away to someone or sold way below the price of a puppy. It’s like he’s in heaven now – yes, he is. “worships the ground he pees on”, perfectly put. A video would be great to see.

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