Public service announcement

I don’t often make pitches like this, but a friend and colleague finds himself in something of a financial hole and I’d like to help some other friends throw him a long green rope.

Patrick Brady, the guiding light behind the website Red Kite Prayer, provided space and funds to Charles Pelkey and John Wilcockson last year when they found themselves abruptly double-flatted with no spares in three-legged-pit-bull country. Now Padraig himself is in something of a pickle, having kissed the planet at speed and, as a consequence, incurred some medical bills to which the insurance company is giving the old ho ho ho.

Long story short, another friend is soliciting small donations on Padraig’s behalf — basically, the equivalent of a tasty microbrew that one might buy for a riding buddy — and if you feel moved to kick in a fin or two I will see to it that he personally kisses you on the lips once his lips are more or less back where they belong. That is all.


25 Responses to “Public service announcement”

  1. Flahute Says:

    Two lips; two beers.

  2. hurbenb Says:

    What Flahute sez.

  3. gbtco Says:

    me, too. Thanks, Maddog! I would not have known withoutcha.

  4. Steve O Says:

    We’re all one slick white stripe, one errant squirrel, one mis-torqued bolt away from being in the same pickle.

    (Well, most of you. Me, I ride so slow, my crashes more resemble the man in the yellow raincoat from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.)

    Consider Padraig beered.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      A terrorist squirrel nearly did for me the other day. Furry little bastard exploded out of a pile of leaves at roadside and shot across my bow. Thank God for slow reflexes.

      • Eric Little Says:

        Bird through the wheel! Flying along my right side, tucks wings, makes a left. Dives through the wheel, comes out the other side, wings out and leaves but a single tail feather floating gently to mother earth. The bird is now very satisfied with low spoke count radially laced wheels. An experience so unreal as to be a UFO sighting. I would not speak of it but for the fact that I had a witness that can confirm it was neither swamp gas nor a weather baloon. Sorry to digress but someone needs to get the warning out that the wildlife is plotting against us.

      • Steve O Says:

        Almost got plucked away and carried off by a female bald eagle the other day. Came up from behind me at high noon, so close I could count talons on her shadow. Critter was obviously a DARPA experiment gone bad, the mutant love child of a velociraptor and a B52.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    While I’ve had my differences with Pat over the years, I was sad to hear about his dilemma. We’ll cover a case (or two if you’re talking the cheap stuff) of beer towards his recovery. Why do we tolerate a health-care system that makes the folks who own it rich while requiring these kind of donations to the folks who actually need it?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Greatest health-care system in the world … unless you actually become ill or injured, that is.

      • Steve O Says:

        We got a foster-to-adopt placement two months ago, and it typically takes a week for their insurance paperwork to catch up. Of course, they always get sick in between.

        This time, simple, just needed antibiotic eye drops. At $120 for 3 ml.

        If you don’t have a calculator handy, I’ll do the math: that $145,000 a gallon.

        And the active ingredient can be purchased in Canada for $5 for 500 mg, which is more than enough for a couple or twenty bottles.

  6. Ira Says:

    Just made a donation, and I see by the posts on RKP that Pat doesn’t want to make this a political issue. I gotta say though, the rest of the world scratches their collective heads at the way US puts profits ahead of healthcare.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Thanks to you, Ira, and to you other donors as well. While we should honor Padraig’s wishes about keeping politics out of the discussion over there, over here anything goes.

      • Larry T. Says:

        EXACTLY – I wrote nothing about the politics of US healthcare on my comment over there, saving it for HERE. The combination of knowledge (those who know they’re making a fortune from a corrupt and overpriced healthcare situation) with the ignorance (of those brainwashed by the “best healthcare system in the world” rhetoric) conspire to make us the laughing stock of the rest of the developed world.

  7. Dennis Says:

    Just left a few beers from the me and the wife. It’s the way the Repugs say it should be after all: everyone gets taken care of one way or the other. Just passin’ the collection plate. So what’s the problem?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      But … but … but … that’s socialism!

    • Larry T. Says:

      The problem is WE spend 17% of our GDP on healthcare with outcomes (infant mortality, lifespan, etc.) that rival third-world countries, while the smart folks in the rest of the civilized world spend around 11% max for far better results. It’s the same “logic” that causes some folks to say “keep your gummint hands off my medicare!” Why? You all know what my wife says…

      • Boz Says:

        I can attest to that first hand. A couple of weeks back SWMBO did a face plant or two in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Two days in the hospital and numerous tests later, our $5500.00 deductible for the year was met. Plus, we pay 30% of the tab. Today, I had laser eye surgery to repair diabetes induced retinal aneurysm, of which I will have a co-pay plus 30% of the tab. All this on top of the $466.00 per month that comes out of my paycheck. That comes to way more than 17% of the GDP here at the Casa Del Boz!

      • Steve O Says:

        And we all know the gubbermint can’t do anything right.

        But at the same time, it’s only the best for our troops.

        And yet … every soldier gets government-run health care.

        So the transitive property doesn’t apply to politics.

    • khal spencer Says:

      As that t-shirt says, It’ll be a great day when education (or health care) gets all the money it needs and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy bombers.

  8. Eric Little Says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their help. I am Eric Little and I set up the contribution campaign. But without the help of the good folks here on Maddogmedia (thanks PO’G), RKP, and it would not have met my ambition of making it possible for Patrick to worry only about physical and mental recovery while not having to worry about financial recovery as well.

    I have had the pleasure of communicating with a great deal of very thoughtful people through this effort and confirmed that the best people in the world pedal two wheels. Thank you all.

    Eric Little

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Hi, Eric … we’re glad to do what we can for Padraig. As Steve notes above, “we’re all one slick white stripe, one errant squirrel, one mis-torqued bolt away from being in the same pickle.” My insurance policy has a deductible so high, it’s virtually indistinguishable from the national debt.

  9. khal spencer Says:

    Consider it done, O’G, thanks for the heads-up, and all of us should pitch in to get that beer fund to 5k. All for one and one for all.

    Especially so since Padraig picked up two fine cycling journalists who were jettisoned unceremoniously from That Other Publication recently, including CP, who didn’t need the stab in the back when he was already down.

    I can understand that Patrick Brady doesn’t want to see the political flag being flown at his behest right now, but I don’t think anyone on the DogS(h)ite will disagree with me too much if I snipe that its an embarrassment to live in a country with the finest medical care that no one can afford.

  10. Ben S Says:

    Too late! Checked this morning, but didn’t have the CC with me. Patrick I trust you’ll let us know if they have to move the goal post and need a few more beers. As an old socialist hippie I’m happy to help out.

  11. Sharon Says:

    Feels good to be a part of such a positive and powerful community effort.

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