The winter of my distemper

First snowfall of 2012

These trees are nearly as bent as the UCI.

Whaddaya know? Seems it’s not gonna be 70-something and sunny forever.

It was bite-ass cold this morning, and thank God only Herself had to be up and at ’em early. Me, I burrowed ever deeper into the blankets and stayed there until the crack of 7:30, when it was still too friggin’ cold for my taste. Why, I actually contemplated pulling on the old sweat pants once I tunneled out in search of hot coffee.

Happily, one need only read the morning news to get the blood boiling.

The UCI is starting to look like a Dumpster full of rats into which a lit string of inch-and-a-half Black Cats has been introduced. I’d prefer to nuke the entire site from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure), but if I can’t get a big bang I’ll take a series of little ones.

More shoes are said to be dropping directly (think an earthquake whose epicenter is directly under Imelda Marcos’ closet), so if it sounds like the combined New York, Boston and Chicago marathons are pounding by outside your window, well, you heard it here first.

Elsewhere, John McCain is about three brain cells away from telling squirrels to get off his fucking lawn. The whole point of marrying into the booze business is to avoid drinking the cheap popskull that dissolves you into an asshole and a mouth with nothing in between. I married into the book business, f’fucksake, but you don’t see me reading any of Sean Hannity’s bullshit.

Speaking of which, and finally, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was at the last debate. So there is some good news after all.

9 Responses to “The winter of my distemper”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Your weather is here too. Geez, I forgot about cold since we were in sunny Sicily already by this time last year. McCain’s just joining the BIG LIE Party party, eh? Keep telling the biggest whoppers over and over until folks start to believe ’em….works a lot of the time, it’s brought Mittens up to even in the polls in what should be an easy race for Obama to win. Wouldn’t surprise me if Barry loses the popular vote total but I hope like hell the Electoral College numbers give him another term. Meanwhile Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi’s in trouble again for tax-evasion…why isn’t Mittens?

  2. GJ John Says:

    Okay, let’s see. TCWSNBN, the biggest fraud in cycling and cancer, has been stripped of his titles. Pro bike riders are singing like birdies so much that the Festina Affair now looks like a church social, and the UCI unveils Pinocchio as their mascot for next year’s Worlds. Worst of all, a guy worth at least half a billion dollars, some in offshore accounts, who won’t reveal his taxes, and can’t even be trusted to tell the truth about…well….anything, has a very, very good chance of being our next President. Since when did the Twilight Zone become non-fiction? Or, hopefully, was that head injury I got a couple years ago worse than I thought?

    • GJ John Says:

      Oops, sorry. Mittens is only worth at least a quarter billion dollars. My mistake.

      See Mr. Romney? That’s how you correct an error in something you say. Try it sometime.

  3. David R Says:

    I unabashedly love Triumph. I have no idea who the guy is, or anything about him and I don’t care. Guy’s got a ton ‘o balls wading into the scenarios he does and he just flat kills me. Check out the video; it’s worth the watch simply for the look on McCain’s face when Triumph tells him McCain can tell Romney “what not to do”. Some good stuff.

  4. Steve O Says:

    Powell will lose exactly zero sleep worrying about what Punk McNasty thinks about him now. Dude has definitely lost it. Shame. McCain 2000 wasn’t a bad guy. Still had half his marbles, so he remembered all of the fucked up shit he had done in his sordid life, and seemed intent on making up for it. Then the memory scale tipped in the other direction, and its been all downhill. You’d a-thunk, after he introduced Rmoney as “our next president, Barack Obama,” his handlers would have kept him on a tighter leash.

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