Wayne’s insane

If anyone thinks the NRA is a voice for responsible gun owners and not a shameless shill for the bang-bang biz, well, ol’ Wayne LaPierre sure wised ’em up today.

This guy is a walking, talking 90-round drum of full-auto, armor-piercing batshit. And the only solution to him and those like him is to go full-bore after the merchants of death who prop his dumb ass up in front of the cameras when he so clearly belongs in a rubber condo, getting daily doses of Edison medicine.

Here’s a transcript of the remarks it took the NRA a week to arrange. Thank God they didn’t shoot from the hip, so to speak.

Meanwhile, happy birthday to Frank Zappa, who was born on this day in 1940. Thus endeth Zappadan.

16 Responses to “Wayne’s insane”

  1. BruceM Says:


  2. Sharon Says:

    Here’s an out of the box idea if no one wants to ban the assault weapons/mass clips. The NRA and the nutbags (like Ted Nugent) want their ability to fire these weapons at will. I guess that’s how they quantify their manhood. So if all these gun owners and manufacturers are so sure that this will not occur again (and again), let them put their money where their mouths are. Let’s find a way to make the manufacturer put up billions in a trust fund for future killings, same thing for the dealers and the owners. Everyone would put forth a huge deposit if you will toward future losses. When the owner of the gun sells his, he gets his deposit back if no one has been killed and the next owner has to put in a deposit. But I’ll tell you why this won’t work – – they know there are going to be more multiple killings. And the manufacturer and everyone else will not want to put billions up for the fund. Here’s another angle – – insurance companies should nonrenew policies where there are these types of guns – – everywhere from the manufacturer and dealer commercial policy to the homeowner policy. There will be absolute neglience and possibly gross neglience in these cases and there will be nothing the insurance companies can do to defend against them. I can’t believe they would want to insure against this risk.. Make the financials so high that no one wants to make or distribute or buy them anymore because they cost $20,000 each to manufacture or keep. That said – – I do think it will take more than just banning the gun. Other things could be done as well – – like limit the bloody video games to age (since parents won’t do it and zombie kids are interactively participating them in them for 10 -12 hours a day in many cases). And I will go on the record also as not being against teachers carrying concealed weapons. But only if they want to and are qualified to do so. And then posting a sign at all entrances that administrators may be carrying. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know the answers and my ideas may well be wrong – – but I do know lots of things should change and everything should be on the table for discussion.

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      Sharon, I suppose getting caught in a crossfire between a teacher and a gunman might not be any worse than being shot by a gunman, but I really doubt the logistics would be in favor of a teacher. Even a high capacity pistol might have, say, a fifteen round magazine and could fire, perhaps, a round a second, but not very accurately. That nutcase had an assault rifle that would probably shoot 5 rounds per second and more accurately due to the design of the rifle. The teacher would be a sitting duck.

      I really don’t want schools turned into Baghdad-style free fire zones between armed emotional zombies and teachers.

      I do agree with you on the violent video and computer games. We are training a generation of sociopaths. Back when I was a kid, I was once banned from watching the Three Stooges for a year, after I got in trouble for administering a Moe-style bonk over the head to a schoolmate. Times have changed.

      • High Plains Drifters Says:

        I’d like to see a survey solely of folks who have aimed at a human in the line of duty. Dollars to doughnuts the first time a teacher returns fire, he/she hits something or somebody he didn’t want to. Fucking Rambo and ahnold movies have given everyone the impression that he can hit the ace of spades from a 52 pick up at 100 paces. In the case of returning fire against a 30-round-mag-wielding looney tune, you got the choice between an aimed shot, during the conduct of which you will get hit, or a rapid fire from the hip, which will give each round a 15% chance of hitting something.

        Effing glad I done gradyookated and don’t have to wonder the halls anymore. And it gives homeschooling a new luster.

  3. Larry T. Says:

    In a country devastated by the “low taxes, unfunded wars and deficits don’t matter” baloney spewed by the Bush/Cheney regime, another guy got scarily close to the levers of power last month by essentially championing the same bankrupt policies. Is it any wonder the answer to gun violence from these kooks is simply MORE GUNS? You know what my wife says….

  4. Khal Spencer Says:

    Product liability lawsuits are an interesting idea, but have they not been tried with guns before? I think you have to prove the product defective, but face it, these guns work as advertised. We can’t very well sue Toyota, Ford, and Chevy for the people killed by the misuse of their SUVs, can we? Or can we?

    As far as arming our schools? Shit, we can’t even raise enough money to pay our teachers and provide our instructional material. So we now get to buy guns and presumably, body armor for the kids, but not books and computers? Fuckin’ insane.

    I saw one advertisement in the Dec 2012 Guns and Ammo for a rifle that the ad claims will shoot 100 rounds in 7 seconds. Aside from the fact that such shooting would bankrupt the owner, who the hell needs that unless one is trying to shoot down a plane or kill an auditorium full of kids in seven seconds?

    LaPierre and his psychotic friends at the NRA are an embarrassment. Is it possible to form a new organization of hunters and non-psychotic sportsmen/women who are not owned by the gun industry?

    • BruceM Says:

      Khal. I just saw a NRA membership figure of 4.3M, not all that large. A thought: 2.5M people in possession of their faculties join the organization and implement changes. Why not?

      • Khal Spencer Says:

        One would have to read the by-laws, Bruce. Some of us tried to get on the League of American Bicyclists Board of Directors a couple years ago. The existing Board basically made it impossible for a dissenting outsider to penetrate to the levers of power. This was done by changing the rules of the game over the last few years so that the existing board could vet any challengers, appoint its own successors, and limit access to membership so that a grassroots candidate could not obtain sufficient signatures to get on the ballot. Grassroots democracy was stifled. A friend of mine referred to the existing elections as a model of East German democracy. So I wouldn’t waste time joining the NRA and giving them my nickle unless I was sure it was not a fruitless enterprise.

        Still, I like the idea for the same reason that I have considered joining the GOP. Someone has to be an adult in the room, and perhaps we should volunteer for such jobs?? For that matter, I’m still a paying LAB member.

  5. Ira Says:

    I watched the press release a couple of hours ago. I wouldn’t know where to start to formulate an inteligent argument to some of the most backwards thinking I’ve ever been witness to (and I used to live in Texas). Armed guards at every school, a national registry for people suffering from mental illness, WTF kind of drugs are these people on?

  6. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Well, he has been the NRA mouthpiece for 21 years. Before that he was a lobbyist, still is, and government activist, whatever that is. Guess he wants to stay NRA long enough to collect his pension, or just stay employed since his job prospects now are nonexistent. I quit the NRA 20 years ago since their main goal was to stay in business, just like the AARP. The amount of “the sky is falling” junk mail from these two outfits was breaking our mail lady’s back. The gun business grows, and you must grow, by promoting fear. This is just another example. Not enough of us buying guns or participating in hunting and target shooting, and the numbers fall every year. How do you drum up business? Drive up fear of bad guys and government and sell military grade weapons. Add a little testosterone, and Bobs your uncle! Serious increase in stock prices! Kind of like Boehner saying god only knows how the fiscal mess will be fixed. Now he is taking his ball and going home.
    NRA=more guns. Congress=more spending. Any questions?

  7. Khal Spencer Says:


  8. Stan Thomas Says:

    Wayne LaPierre is just another point along the path that connects our respective views on firearms in private hands. And, from my perspective Patrick, his case holds as much water as yours. I would argue that the words ‘responsible’ , ‘gun’ and ‘owner’ don’t belong in the same sentence. Licensed, professional gun user maybe, and even then, not in a public place.
    Consider that there are some 10,000 murders involving firearms every year in the US. In the UK the figure is 80, predominately by illegally held firearms. While zero seems an impossible goal, based on your population being 6 times greater, you might expect there to be 500 such killings if you can consign your gun culture to the history books. Liberty or life?

  9. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Stan, your last question is the heart of the matter. I would take more liberty. Your citizens traded much of your liberty and privacy for safety. You made your choice, we make ours. We both live with the consequences. Now, I do not support the civilian arms race occurring in the US. You are right that you have to draw a line somewhere in the balance of the two, life and liberty. Where we draw the line is the question we are trying to answer. Your answer of the almost complete disarmament of the citizen simply doesn’t work here.

  10. khal spencer Says:

    Stan thinks “responsible gun owner” is an oxymoron. Stan, that definitely makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, but you have a point that isn’t about guns as much as about Americans. So I’ll buy you a beer if you take the bigger picture view.

    I know a lot of bicycling advocates and riders, some of whom are probably reading this, who think “responsible car owner” is an equally valid oxymoron. Maybe both are true. I try to refute such claims with my own standards of conduct and hope others will as well, but that ain’t likely to be a majority opinion.

    My friend Mark Plotz, a very strong cyclist and program manager over at the National Center for Bicycling and Walking, points out we Yanks kill 23 people per day with guns and 89 per day with cars and trucks. So its not just about guns. Its about a fucked up culture that doesn’t value much beyond narcissism and self-fulfillment.

    I don’t think the problem is the tool as much as the culture. Americans have become fat, lazy, self-centered, and stupid. I think we are going the way of Rome, and hope to check out of this life before we are sacked by modern day Huns. We could ban guns tomorrow and not stop our national effort at winning the Darwin Award. That’s the problem.

  11. B Lester Says:

    Khal is spot on, as usual. BTW, does anyone remember that there WAS an armed officer on site at Columbine? He got off two shots, and missed them both (ref comments HPD, above). Easier said than done.

    • khal spencer Says:

      “…An autopsy conducted upon the body of Charles Whitman—approved by his father—was performed at the Cook Funeral Home on August 2 (1966). The autopsy discovered a glioblastoma (a highly aggressive and invariably fatal brain tumor) in the hypothalamus (the white matter located above the brain stem).[69] This tumor would have proven fatal by the end of the year in which Whitman died.”


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