Strange bedfellows

Two cats, one bed

The Turk’ and Mia cuddle up on a damp, chilly May day.

You know it’s a damp, chilly day when Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment) and Miss Mia Sopaipilla decide to share the same bed, which just happens to sit on a shelf in Herself’s bathroom, directly under a heater vent.

The Turk can be a troublesome bedmate. Being groomed by the big galoot is like being run over again and again by a Velcro steamroller, and his long, furry carcass generates enough heat to hard-boil an egg.

Mia finally decided she had had enough and shifted quarters to the blanket on top of the bedroom bureau. Turk, meanwhile, relocated to my lap, which goes a long way toward explaining my appalling lack of productivity today.

Hell, you try getting anything done with a 16-pound cat sprawled across your lap. Anything besides paying attention to the cat, that is.

• Addendum: Consigliere Pelkey and I are live-updating the Giro d’Italia again this year. You can catch the act at Live Update Guy or Red Kite Prayer, whichever best floats your gondola.

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8 Responses to “Strange bedfellows”

  1. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Strange weather indeed. It was May last time I checked. Wearing jeans in May here in SV AZ is not natural. We got the Duffinator his summer do today, and now he wants to be in our laps to stay warm.

  2. Libby Says:

    I didn’t know such a thing happened. Definitely warrants a photo and a blog photo. I can read all kinds of psychology into that pic. Strange bedfellows, indeed. I always enjoy their exploits.

    Animals can be strange but, boy, us humans are stranger as recent news reminds us.

  3. John Says:

    Speaking of the Giro, following the Giro on LUG and Eurosport the other day I watched DiLuca (sic?) go clear near the finish of the stage. I was stuck. I thought he was an (ex?)doper. Indecision set in: should I root for him or against him? Luckily CP and PO’G set me straight and permitted me to make up my mind (he’s been busted).

    This all gave me a thought: they have rainbow armbands for former world champions, yellow armbands at the TdF for former winners, what about an armband or insignia for busted dopers? Sort of a scarlet letter, but instead we could use an insignia of a scarlet syringe. It might discourage dopers, or at least permit us all to humiliate them some more. Yea, I know, the sport doesn’t need to advertise it’s doping past (or present) anymore than it does, but I still like the idea.

  4. hurben Says:

    I’m behind that John, but let’s really do it properly. Dopers should be sentenced to ride a certain number of races in black, cowled robes, Cow bells dangling from their handlebars & they have to chant “Unclean! Unclean!” in every language participating in the race.

    • John Says:

      I like it! Anything that helps me and other fans remember that a rider is, or at least was, a doper I’m all for. I’m betting that if DiLuca had done something like that after he came back from suspension I wouldn’t have been scratching my head wondering, “Is he one of the good guys or one of the bad guys?”

  5. Ryan Surface Says:

    I’ve enjoyed you and the LUG while bus commuting the last couple days, thanks for the information and more importantly the entertainment. … “took a puck to the gob” indeed.

  6. Grumbly Oldguy Says:

    Your predicament with HRH Turk reminded of the comment by the Sufi mystic Nassrudin, who cut off the sleeve of his cloak to not disrupt his sleeping feline companion.

  7. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Giro? I don’t need no stinkin’ Giro. “Shut Up Legs” does it in California!

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