Give me a break

Being a newsman of sorts (OK, you can stop laughing now) I like it when actual news occurs.

As Charles “Live Update Guy” Pelkey and I rambled through today’s coverage of stage 2 it seemed we were in for the classic Tour de France non-event: The Doomed Break Reeled In At the Very Last Minute.

Except it wasn’t. Not all of it. Jan Bakelants (RadioShack-Leopard) made a break from the break and hung on to win by a whisker, the last man standing from a late six-man escape. First Tour, first pro win. And it came with a nifty yellow jersey, too.

People who were supposed to win didn’t; people who were supposed to get the maillot jaune didn’t; and the only impediments to forward motion were gravity, eejits at roadside and a loose mutt who will probably never chase a guy on a bicycle again but came away with a fine tale to tell around the fire hydrant: “Jesus, Lassie, there were a couple hundred of the sonsabitches coming after me at 50 km/h! I ’bout shit my flea collar!”

Eventually all the Right People will take charge, of course. They almost always do. But in the meantime we seem to have an actual sporting-news story on our hands.

Extry, extry, read all about it. …

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2 Responses to “Give me a break”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    While far from a fan of Radioschleck (why are their Treks painted up to look like Bianchi’s anyway?) it was good to see their man reap the benefits of his late escape. While watching on TV I said, “someone’s got to escape this little group, otherwise they’re doomed” but expected it to be Chavanel. Too many Cannonballer’s were dropped on the climbs to help chase it down for Sagan – bet there was some “discussion” about their missed chance at yellow!

  2. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Once again, Patrick, your words paint a vivid picture. I can see the neighborhood dogs around that hydrant. Thanks for a chuckle.

    It is good to see a shakeup in the peloton. Maybe some of those other whipper snappers might tell the veterans and DS people, “screw tactics, I have good legs, and I’m going to whup a little ass”

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