Apropos of nothing in particular

And now, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Broke Dick O'Dawg and his Gnawin' Prophets!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Broke Dick O’Dawg and his Gnawin’ Prophets!

While listening to “The Blue Plate Special” on Radio Colorado College this afternoon on the way back from Whole Paycheck it struck me that what the world needs right this minute is another First World white-guy blues band.

I’ve even got the name and everything.

Broke Dick O’Dawg and the Gnawin’ Profits.

I don’t think the flute is gonna cut it, though. Never shoulda pawned m’gee-tar. I tell ya, sometimes I feel like I been tied to the whippin’ post.

Great Honky Blues Tunes Not Performed
By Broke Dick O’Dawg
and His Gnawin’ Prophets

• “I Ain’t Never Heard You Play No Blues,” by Steve Goodman
• “Can’t Seem To Get the Blues,” by the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

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15 Responses to “Apropos of nothing in particular”

  1. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Goin’ downtown, goin’ to see my girl, goin’ to sing her a song, goin’ to show her my ding dong.”

  2. Charley Says:

    Wow! Blues tunes written here! ‘she laughed so hard she dropped the bong’. Yea, I suck at writting.

  3. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    I have only one wish, to be a Prophet. I have a two guitars, a amplifier, I know what a twelve bar blues progression is, and I have a blues fake book with 400 songs. I can even do 4 or 5 chord songs. I can give a solid rhythm foundation for some serious flute licks. What does the gig pay?

  4. Jon Paulos Says:

    We see what we want to see. I looked at the photo and one question ran through my mind: how does he keep the cats from using that chair as a scratching post?

    Any hints for your fellow cat servants?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Resistance is futile. Turk’ is all about clawing rugs, and the occasional human companion. But Mia has actually gotten up inside the seat of that rocker, from underneath, and if she’s feeling neglected will attack it from the rear.

  5. bromasi Says:

    I’m a drummer, lets go.

  6. hurbenbHurben Says:

    It’s already Friday night here so…

  7. Ryan Surface Says:

    Two things struck me about this post- the flute made me think of the hilarious Will Farrell Jazz flute solo in “Anchorman” and that is one awesome arts and crafts chair you have there Mr. Dawg, I have a similar but not nearly so fancy one that I enjoy lounging in.

  8. Derek Says:

    I am a fully qualified roadie.

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