On the nickel, over there

I dressed up as an old bald white guy for Halloween, but nobody noticed. Too subtle, I guess.

We did get a record crowd of trick-or-treaters, which may or may not have something to do with the cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that took effect today.

One toddler pirate was into some serious pillaging, plucking booty from our candy bowl with both teensy fists. An adult joked, “I hope you’re planning to share that. …” Goddamn socialists. When I was a child, we had to make our own Halloween candy and then defend it by force of arms.

With this satanic celebration safely behind us now, it’s time for the sanctified seasonal festivities, like scrambling to find nifty places to stash the poor folks where holiday shoppers won’t have to look at ’em.

A beater South Nevada motel that has housed some 70 folks is closing, apparently to reopen in 2014 as “a center for mothers undergoing substance abuse treatment,” a need for which the necessary $300,000 per annum to house an estimated 20 moms and their kids has yet to materialize.

In the meantime, the Springs Rescue Mission will operate the city’s only overnight shelter for the chronically homeless throughout the winter, providing 30 beds for men and women. That has funding through April 15, but the mission apparently has plans to use the space for “an undetermined purpose” come springtime.

I bet springtime seems a long way off to a lot of these folks. The Baboon Caucus would like to ensure that it never comes. Not for the homeless. Anyone who doesn’t own at least three houses, a bank account in the Caymans and a senator is invisible to that crowd.


18 Responses to “On the nickel, over there”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Here we go again – I try to keep an open mind about what these right wing folks really want…but time after time when it comes down to the real guts of the issue it seems a) They believe anyone who is poor somehow deserves it…ie: it’s their own fault. b) Everyone must do whatever it is that gives them the most money (the old “our shareholders demand it” BS) no matter how cruel, unethical or nasty it may be. c) Heaven forbid anyone get anything that they’re not getting and finally, d) NONE of this applies to their individual circumstances – their situation is unique and totally not their fault so they deserve all the gummint help they can get. Whatever they’re getting, whether it’s corporate welfare, tax breaks, special treatment of any kind, it’s totally correct and if truth be told, far less than they really deserve. Because? Well….they’re special.
    We really need a NEW New Deal in this country. And the crazy thing is, I think enough people are getting sick of the current mess that the energy is building to make it happen. Example? Look how the corporate Repuglicans have lost control of the unholy alliance of the KK…oops Tea Party and the so-called Christians they created. Who would Jesus stick it to?

  2. Boz Says:

    Good thoughts, Larry. Never thought I would be pulling for the corporate Repugs to get their lunatic fringe back in line. The smart ones know that it’s curtains for them if the Cruz/Bachman/Palin crew don’t tow the party line. Pay no attention to that ice berg. Looks pretty small.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    In other upbeat news, yet another sociopath has surfaced, shooting up LAX, allegedly with an assault rifle. And the NY Times tells us, not surprisingly, that few students are going into the humanities, choosing instead (if they can handle the work), the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math) that are in high demand, i.e., decent paychecks.

    Its a dog eat dog world out there.

    • GregP Says:

      A bit off topic, but what the hell. God, don’t get me started about the airport thing. I live about 17 miles east of LAX. When I saw the report on HuffPo I tuned to a couple of local TV stations to get the latest ‘news’. Believe me, none of the talking heads are smart enough to get a STEM degree. As far as I can tell, the inanity hasn’t stopped since this morning. I finally turned off the sound and turned the radio to some jazz. The pictures actually make more sense that way. If the government mess doesn’t make you lose faith in humanity, watching local news will.

    • Patrick O'Brien Says:

      Greg, you are right. Our local (Tucson) news is pitiful. News is considered entertainment. PBS is an exception, but without more viewer financing, it will also become more commercial from “underwriters.”

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      There is no such thing as TV “news,” not at the local level, and rarely at the national/international level. Even “60 Minutes” is falling down on the job lately.

      • khal spencer Says:

        What was weird? I opened up the LA Times to see what they had to say and they had donated their home page to one of the local TV stations playing 24/7 interviews with people who had been diving for cover. Nothing really newsworthy, just a lot of jabber. BFD.

  4. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Unlike Larry, people in this congress and administration do not try to keep open minds; they are slaves to their own ideas.

    Chapter 53 of the Tao te Ching as translated my Stephen Mitchell:

    “The great Way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths.
    Be aware when things are out of balance.
    Stay centered with the Tao.

    When rich speculators prosper wile farmers lose their land;
    when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures;
    when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible while the poor have no where to turn-
    all of this is robbery and chaos.
    It is not in keeping with the Tao.”

    Amazing to me that a philosophy thousands of years old, from a different country and culture, can clearly describe the bullshit we are seeing from our government and their moneyed sponsors in so few words.

    So, what do you think Patrick? Larry for President in 2016! No moving to Italy buddy, we need you here. I can see it now. Flyers popping up on phone poles all over DC, come to the Saturday morning road ride, known as the Commander in Chief Surge. We meet at 0800 in the White House parking lot and go 30 to 40 miles. No one gets dropped! We start the ride together and finish together. Helmets required, cycling caps and shaved legs optional. Beer and pasta (no burnt garlic) apres ride on the People’s House back patio.

  5. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    And someday I will learn to edit before hitting the post button.

  6. karen Says:

    See on YouTube: Townes Van Zandt sings “Marie,” his song on the homeless “of the land.”

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