‘Shoot’ is ‘shit’ with two o’s


The writing’s on the wall … er, deck.

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. A guy can’t expect to go rolling around Colorado in shorts and short sleeves all the doo-dah day. Not in November, anyway.

Looks like it’s either poop or a chance of poop for the foreseeable future, with plenty of wind to keep things interesting. The ol’ crystal ball shows a trainer ride in my future, along with the spirited use of various synonyms for “poop.”

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12 Responses to “‘Shoot’ is ‘shit’ with two o’s”

  1. Jim Isaacs Says:

    Lets all become surfers and follow the sun

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Yep. Same white stuff is supposed to be headed our way tomorrow. I need to dig out the snow tires for the ’07 Subie and put the Richey cross tires on the Long Haul Trucker. Woo-hoo. Its often faster to ride the bike to work, with proper tires on it, then slog through four miles of stalled traffic with the local bozos, who always forget that snow and mountain roads don’t work very well with half-worn all season tires.

  3. Pat and Sandy O'Brien Says:

    Just got a mountain bike ride in. Weather (rain) starting here tonight. El Tour Tucson will be a wet one. Snow and 9 degrees for Patrick tonight. I think we will stick to the plan of visiting the “House Back East” in May or June!

    Guys, I’m dying to know out here. Help an old bro out. What does Larry’s wife say??????

  4. bromasi Says:

    sign me up for the jersey

  5. Downhill Bill Says:

    I’m in for the twofer pack with the long awaited new Mad Dog jersey.

  6. Debby Says:

    46 degrees here in Crestone today! We had a little rain overnight. Meanwhile, 17 and snowing in Wrongmont. Supposed to snow overnight here too though.

    And what’s this about a new Mad Dog jersey? Could you make one for Old Chicks Who Get Fat In The Winter too? 🙂

  7. Pat and Sandy O'Brien Says:

    Wore my “OGWGFIWRT” jersey today. It is starting to “lose the bounce in its bungee.” Save it for special occasions. What if we all tell Voler we want a new one? Could the Dog make a few bucks?

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