A boot right up that big red S


Jeez, da stones on dose guys in Morgan Hill.

Jeez, da stones on dose guys in Morgan Hill.

This just in, from m’man Steve Frothingham at Bicycle Retailer: Advanced Sports International, which licenses the Roubaix trademark to Specialized, says Canadian retailer Dan Richter is likewise welcome to use it via licensing.

Chapeau to ASI’s Pat Cunnane for making the call. And shame on Specialized for remaining silent throughout this debacle.

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17 Responses to “A boot right up that big red S”

  1. sharon Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  2. John in GJ Says:

    So ASI just stepped in and stole from the Big S what little good PR that Specialized could have salvaged from this mess.

    Good job, well played sir!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That’s what Spesh gets for keeping its fat corporate yap shut all weekend long. All this grand-do and fooferaw was completely unnecessary.

      • John in GJ Says:

        Not just the weekend, either. They had all day today to say and do the right thing, but they just sat there with their thumbs up their asses or something. Their one chance to make their fuck up less of a fuck up, and they fucked that up!

  3. Khal Spencer Says:

    More power to that social media. Maybe Specialized can go back to paying engineers and technicians rather than too many lawyers.

  4. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Hopefully the licensing fee will be the nominal $1.

  5. Pat and Sandy O'Brien Says:

    I believe you journo types call that a “scoop.” Nice work Patrick.
    Extra, extra, read all about it!

  6. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    I am a friend of Dan Richter. I bought a set of Cafe Roubaix wheels from Dan last year. They are fantastic!

    These last few weeks have been tough on Dan and his family. But what’s so hard for Dan now is getting his global orders for Cafe Roubaix products shipped out in a timely fashion! (Australia called. They’d like some t-shirts.)

    I’m so happy for Cafe Roubaix that ASI is stepping into the fight. I hope S learns a lesson about how to be professional AND decent.

    FYI, I still get (and read) your updates. Keep ’em coming!

  7. Larry T. Says:

    The pattern continues with these folks – this time trademarking something they actually didn’t even have the rights to, then bullying this little guy when he used the venerable name. Someone elsewhere tried to pin this on Sinyard’s legal team and let him off the hook. Seems to me your legal team reflects your values, not theirs, and if not, you get a new legal team, unless you’re a greedy prick who wants to hide his actions behind a wall of flunkies? I’m happy the little guy seems to have prevailed and look forward to receiving my t-shirt. The defense fund money might come back, or like Paul Kimmage’ might end up buying a few beers. I chalk that up the same way I do the money I tossed into the kitty to repair Padraig’s face awhile back.
    But I still won’t spend ANY money on stuff sold by the big-S. The big-T’s pretty much in the same league after their shoddy treatment of Greg LeMond. If I’m in the plastic bike market, perhaps one of those marketed by ASI would be the choice, as they were the adults in this room..

    • John in GJ Says:

      I’ve owned two Specialized road frames (and had bad experiences with each) and I used to work at a Specialized dealer. Based on those experience and what I’ve read of the business practices of Mike Sinyard (see how he treated Joe Breeze), this whole thing is very consistent with his past behavior. And let’s not forget that the Big S has pulled this crap at least four times previously in recent years and every time it was against a “little guy” (well, in the case of Epic Wheels it was a girl). I see Mike Sinyard’s fingerprints all over this. Even if Sinyard didn’t call the shots, he definitely set the tone.

      The one thing that confuses me is why did they stay silent for the last three days (and counting) as this brush fire turned into a conflagration? Surely they have enough PR experience to know enough to get in front of something like this. Their lawyers seems to be overly enthusiastic while their PR people are napping.

  8. John in GJ Says:

    This may be a win for ASI on multiple fronts. Sure, it’s a PR coup for ASI and all they had to do was the right thing, but ASI may have also simultaneously thwarted a trademark grab by the Big S. I’m certainly no lawyer, but if what ASI told BRaIN said is accurate and under their license agreement Specialized did not have explicit Roubaix trademark rights in Canada, then could this have been part of an ongoing effort by the Big S to wrest control of the Roubaix trademark from ASI in Canada? (And don’t think that the Big S isn’t evil enough to try something like this if they thought it would work.) It’s telling that ASI was apparently unaware of Specialized’s claim to the trademark in Canada until this whole fiasco cropped up. Cafe Roubaix may have done ASI a huge favor here.

    So ASI to Specialized: Check and Mate!

  9. Jeff Cozad Says:

    I’m beginning to think that the Big S stands for Silient. Still not a peep out of them. I’m wondering how the licensing agreement between ASI and Big S was written. Maybe ASI can take it back *lol*

    Also, Big S seems to have not grabbed up the domain names http://www.roubaix.ca and http://www.specializedroubaix.com. Oops… *lol* A friend of mine is responsible for the last one. It just cost him $15.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Or “Sulking.” I’d heard that the S planned some sort of statement yesterday, but they obviously reconsidered. Probably got some bad news after gutting a small shopowner and reading his entrails.

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Now that’s funny right there! No breaks for the big S.

      • John in GJ Says:

        The best time to kick ’em is when they’re down.

      • Larry T. Says:

        I read somewhere claims that “Kim Il Sinyard” is a friend of the independent bicycle dealer. The same guy who once hired mail-order king Alan Goldsmith (Bikecology and Supergo) and created a separate brand-name (Full Force) to make an end-run around his existing retailers – a friend of the independent bike dealer? I don’t expect him to give a rat’s a__ about whether I buy any of his stuff any more than I think the Walton’s care that I refuse to shop at Sprawl-Mart. I just dislike bullies of all kinds and would rather others get my money when possible.

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