Frank Zappa at the Roubaix Theatre

“To rebel in our house, I always said, I’d have to become an accountant or a lawyer.” — Dweezil Zappa

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7 Responses to “Frank Zappa at the Roubaix Theatre”

  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    Can you sue someone when they are dead?

    • Jeff Cozad Says:

      I’ve been smiling all morning just thinking about what a lovely morning will be occurring in that Special Place. It will be an interesting exercise in corporate damage control

  2. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Very nice! Thanks

  3. Kirk Says:

    love Zappa. I thought this might be of interest.

  4. veloben Says:

    Oh my what will big S do about this? Hit Chez Dog and Frank with a cease and desist order?

    My, Oh My.

  5. Khal Spencer Says:

    In other news, the NY Times is reporting that Danilo di Luca has been banned from competition for life for a third doping offense.

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