The TurkenCam® goes live

Your host, Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment).

Your host, Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment).

Live from the Tower of Power at the ultra-posh Chez Dog in cosmopolitan Bibleburg, it’s the TurkenCam!

• Late update: I’m taking ‘Is Lordship off line for a bit while I sift through some options to this beat-up old USB webcam and take a bit of healthful outdoor exercise.

• Even later update: Anyone dying to see KittyVision® in TurkenScope© will be sorely disappointed with me and my antiquated technology. Dead batteries, lost cables and general ineptitude have delayed production of our Magical Menagerie Tour. But don’t touch that dial. …

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19 Responses to “The TurkenCam® goes live”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Not much going on in the live broadcast. Will have to stay tuned for updates.

    A stray kitty we found and adopted 19 years ago passed away in October. We were so heartbroken and sad, we said we would never be able to get another pet. But a week ago we took the plunge and got a new kitten we named Finn, about 2 months old. When we were younger, we were so sure we were dog people and would never even own a cat, but they have a way about them that gets to your heart. So entertaining and loving, yet still aloof. The ultimate hipster.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yes, The Commander is resting his eyes at the moment. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and all that.

      I found an old Logitech webcam while cleaning the office the other day, remembered I had a Ustream account, and off I went on another pointless technological detour from the earning of the living.

      The resolution is awful — I don’t remember when I bought that webcam, but it was a long, long time ago — so I may try again with an unoccupied Canon ZR500 camcorder that has FireWire capability. Strictly for scientific purposes, of course, and to give the NSA something to watch.

      Meanwhile, condolences on the loss of your previous pal, but congrats on adding Finn to the household. Herself showed me some pix of a couple Turkish lookalikes down at the shelter the other day and it was all I could do to restrain myself from dashing down there to liberate ’em.

      Like you, we thought about going animal-free after our beloved Chairman Meow went west. You see how well that worked out.

    • Libby Says:

      So sorry to hear of your loss, Sharon. My only cat is probably 15 and I’ve had him for 13 1/2 years.

      • Sharon Says:

        Patrick and Libby,
        Thanks for kind thoughts on Buddy who is no longer here, but in the backyard forever. Finn, the new kitten, is already running the place and trying as hard as he can to make himself the center of all attention and love…and succeeding.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        We must have pictures of the Dear Leader. I’m surprised Finn hasn’t insisted you create a website, Facebook page and Twitter account for him.

      • Sharon Says:

        Here’s a photo Patrick.
        But the pictures get really boring because they’re all the same…I’m cute and little, I’m little and cute, I’m hiding but we can still see you, please pick me up, please don’t put me down, please pay attention to me, etc., etc., etc. So adorable, but boring to everyone else.

  2. Libby Says:

    Can’t view the video, apparently, on iPad mini.

    Turk is such a handsome guy!
    I’ve written this before – Andrew Lloyd Webber is a big fan of Turkish Vans. The vet I used to go to had an illustrated chart of cats in one of the rooms. The illustration of the Turkish Van was a dead ringer for the Field Marshall.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Interesting … maybe a Flash issue? I checked it on an iPhone 5 but haven’t tried an iPad yet.

      The Turk’ is a beauty, isn’t he? And he knows it, too.

      • Libby Says:

        This iPad mini doesn’t have Flash; nor does it have a camera flash and a retina display. Maybe the new one does.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Yeah, Libby, Flash makes iOS devices barf, I b’leeve. If memory serves, Steve Jobs hated all things Adobe and thought HTML5 would eventually make Flash unnecessary. But I notice that a lot of websites and devices still make use of it.

        Interestingly, a lot of my older machines want nothing to do with streaming video. The Asus Eee PC netbook just hiccuped and fell over, and the PowerPC Macs in the office just keep rocking, tugging on their galluses and telling all them goldurn Intel punks to get the hell off their lawn.

      • Libby Says:

        I do like my iPad and use it all the time. Today I read at MailOnline about a Denver man, Jeff Keacher who connected his Mac Plus to the internet using Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t seen this you will enjoy reading about it because you like to tinker, too. It seemed very apropos considering your use of the webcam.

        Jeff Keacher’s blog entry:

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        The iPad Mini

        I use my iPad Mini daily, mostly as an e-book reader. I wish Apple and WordPress would play together a little better — updating the blog via iPad is a pain in the ass — but that said, the Mini is a top-flight little machine. I added a keyboard case to mine, and now I have a nifty baby laptop for bike trips.

        My friend and colleague Matt Wiebe in Santa Fe cobbled together a similar Frankenputer for his son. I believe he used Raspberry Pi, but he built some class of a laptop. I need to get some pix of that beast. It sounded like steampunk meets Spock.

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Our Apple inventory is getting pretty old. We have a 1st generation iPod Touch, 1st generation iPad, and a five year old iMac desktop. The Touch still works fine; it doesn’t have the Safari issues that the Mac and Pad have. But it won’t do flash like the others. The Mac has Safari crashes due to Flash, plus the 10.5.8 OS won’t support Facetime or the new iMovie that I need to play with the GoPro. But, I would rather spend the money on a new iMac, and get the latest software with it, than buy the software for the old one. The iPad has constant Safari crashes due to cache memory shortage (from what I have read.) I guess I need to get off my wallet and get new stuff. The Touch is a handy little thing for bike trips for quick E mail, news, and banking. As long as it keeps working I will keep it. Plus it is a handy backup, in case the desktop ever dies, for all our pictures, music, and address book.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Herself and I have newish MacBooks, but my main workhorse is a 2009 iMac that is starting to show its age. I frequently get the Spinning Beach Ball of Doom despite having 12GB of RAM, and I’m well behind on OS updates (OS X 10.6.8, same as on the old MacBook).

        Herself successfully upgraded to Mavericks, but I haven’t had a window of opportunity yet. There’s always some sort of deadline to meet, and I can’t afford any downtime due to system/operator error.

        Have you considered buying refurbished or used? Apple frequently has bargains on refurbed gear, as does PowerMax in Oregon (where there is no sales tax). PowerMax will also take your old gear as a trade-in. I’ve often gone refurb instead of new and never had any issues, unless you count a slightly heavier wallet post-purchase.

  3. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    This PowerPC iBook can’t do the video either, but it’s a software issue because of a hardware issue. I’ll try it on the more modern (but still with issues) iMac across the room and get back to you.

    But what the hell did you do with the rest of Turkish in that photo up there?! He’s far too large to fit in that photo. Photoshop, corel draw, etc? His head is there, but where’s the body?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, the iBook is a little long in the teefers for today’s Innertubez. I still have an 800MHz G3 iBook and a 500MHz G3 “Pismo” PowerBook, along with a 1.5GHz G4 PowerBook. Alas, they’re mostly conversation starters anymore, though I think I could still earn my living with the G4 P-book if need be.

      Mostly I use the Intel MacBook (original model, black version) for anything that involves heavy lifting, while the 11-inch MacBook Air goes with on road trips if I don’t anticipate much image, audio or video processing.

      As for El Turko, now, you’d be surprised how tight a space the big guy can occupy. That’s one limber pussycat.

  4. veloben Says:

    “general ineptitude have delayed production” Sounds like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea nuke program.

  5. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Good suggestions Patrick. We have a similar place in Tucson called Simutek.

    We traded an eMac in on our 2009 iMac. And we traded a Power Book G4 even up for the iPod Touch. Since they opened an Apple store in Tucson, where I got the iPad on an impulse buy, I thought that Simutek might have some trouble keeping the doors open. But, they are doing fine, sell refurbished and new Apple products, takes trades, and recycle obsolete stuff. They get a lot of business from the university and students. That will be our first stop when we get serious about new replacement ‘puter stuff next month.

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