Going Uptown

My homeboys from Moots were in the house.

My homeboys from Moots were in the house.

Day one of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show got off to something of a slow start today.

Well, for us, anyway.

I don’t do 2 a.m. real well anymore, in anybody’s time zone, so by the time Adventure Cyclist boss-fella Mike Deme and I arose from our coffins, grabbed a bite of breakfast at the Midnight Diner and got ready to roll, it was practically lunchtime.

Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a rock-solid solid investment opportunity, buy yourself a booth at the Midnight Diner and rent it out by the hour. The place was nuts when we walked in and nuts when we walked out, and I would give even money that it is nuts right now.

Anyway, after breaking fast we sauntered over to the show, exchanged pleasantries with various industry ne’er-do-wells, and spent a couple of hours stumbling around in desultory fashion, gazing slack-jawed at shiny bicycles and posing silly questions to ironically waxed mustaches wearing their little sisters’ pants. There was steel, titanium and carbon fiber, Gates Carbon Drive and Pinion bicycle transmissions, and them old-fangled whatchamacallems you shift with levers and stop with rim brakes. We’re gonna do it again tomorrow, but with more shuteye. And more breakfast. And more pictures.

Meanwhile, the NAHBS Exhibitor Party is this evening at Uptown Cycles. Simply everybody who is anybody will be there, so we’ll be blazing over there directly. Not on bicycles, more’s the pity. I couldn’t find one that would fit into the overhead bin.

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10 Responses to “Going Uptown”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Enjoy! Meanwhile, here, the pollen monsters are out in force. I have had my ass kicked for the last 18 hours. High winds, dust from Texas and New Mexico, low rainfall, and record warmth for the last 2 months have created the perfect allergy storm here.

  2. Libby Says:

    Very interesting links. Also, give yourself a break – you lost 2 hours coming east plus the hour lost due to daylight savings time just days ago. Enjoy all the goodies: bikes, sights and food.

  3. James Says:

    Sounds like fun! When it was a few blocks away here in SacTown, it was an interesting show. Lots of cool toys, bikes and things I can not afford. I will refrain from mentioning that the weather here is awful but I gave up lying for Lent. Happy (early) St. Paddy’s Day PO’G.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I am sorry for raining on Patrick’s parade with my tale of allergy woes. I hope you got to talk to and see some of your journo and cycling buddies in person last night. Is Counselor Pelkey there?

  5. Steve O Says:

    I guess I could look up the schedule and answer my own question … but why was lights out at 2 p.m. and up-and-at’em at oh-two-hundred?

  6. Steve O Says:

    Re: The Moots fatty that’s loaded for bear, under the banner to the left

    What are the two tubes pointed at 45° coming off the front forks? Are those for the bottle rocket launchers you were talking about the other day?

  7. veloben Says:

    ” posing silly questions to ironically waxed mustaches wearing their little sisters’ pants.”

    …an it is explained by the great one why I do not do consumer trade shows.

    Be happy you are not in Chicago tomorrow. Club cancelled the St. Pat’s ride for the first time in 20+ years – high forecast of 20 with -1 windchill (more if you’re on a bike of course). If you’re laying over at O’Hare and it becomes overnight give me a call, the rescue Lab and I will come rescue you.

    Steve O – Panzerfaust racks. The new urban touring accessory. Tubus will be making a stainless steel set soon.

  8. khal spencer Says:

    Some troubling news from these parts.


    SILVER CITY >> The Tour of the Gila is in financial trouble. The cycling event, which brings in an estimated $560,000 during the five-day race that blows through Grant County, is one of four professional bike races in the United States. It lost some in-kind donations this year and the nonprofit organization that puts on the event, Tour of the Gila Inc., needs to raise $10,000 before the race begins April 30…..

    • veloben Says:

      10k shouldn’t be so hard. Some partners and I are working in $40K for a title sponsor to a one day of racing here. Done it before, but it’s a new economy.

      Wishing them luck.

  9. Derek Lenahan Says:

    I notice no American manufacturers using the Pinion. I thought Paragon was bringing the box stateside after the show in denver?

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