Happy St. Shiv In the Ribs Day

Kevin Harvey's blue wheeler.

Kevin Harvey’s blue wheeler.

Charlotte is busy getting its St. Patrick’s Day drunk on. Never mind that March 15 is the fabled Ides of March, of which Caesar was famously advised to beware.

Maybe it’s a two-fer: Get horribly sideways on green beer and pennywhistle dirges, and then run about stabbing people, shouting the Gaelic for “Sic semper tyrannis,” which as I recall is “Fook the lot of yis!”

Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action!

But we were talking about the North American Handmade Bicycle Show before we wandered off on this Irish-Roman tangent. And yes, it is a show, in which North American handmade bicycles play a leading role, and nobody was stabbed in the making thereof.

The bike I heard mentioned more than once was Kevin Harvey’s baby.  Dude has a day job — machinist for Andretti Racing — but he’s a lifelong cyclist and likes to work his metallurgical magic with two-wheelers in his spare time under the Harvey Cycle Works label.

Check out the Baja-bug lighting system he added to this one. He was deep in the weeds during this little project, fabricating the cap and screen to keep rocks from turning out his lights and crafting bits of this, that and the other to route the cable through the fork and make the whole system easily removable. The lights also can be raised and lowered and toed in or out.

After eyeballing a few more bikes, Adventure Cyclist editor Mike Deme, CycleItalia honcho Larry Theobald and I braved the wild streets of Charlotte, shouldering our way through about 18,000 tosspots in green T-shirts to dine at The Capital Grille. The wait staff seemed happy that the annual pub crawl didn’t include them, and the cop we saw outside the joint looked like she was having about as much fun as the average root-canal patient.

One unsteady reveler at curbside was either preparing to topple into the street, barf on his cellphone or both. Erin go blaaaaugh!

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7 Responses to “Happy St. Shiv In the Ribs Day”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    I want that bike, lights and all. But with a double crank.

  2. Weaksides Says:

    Sweet ride indeed! Is that a champagne cork for a bar plug?

    Capital Grille was a fine choice. Until very recently there was a really good place called Harvest Moon that served locally produced groceries on their menu. Alas the owners moved their operation out of town- presumably to be closer to their little pig farm in the country, but I really don’t know.

    Here’s hoping your return home is a safe one.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Looks like it. I’ve used the corks for bar end plugs too, but not with the wire retainer. That looks cool.

      Heal up, Weaksides.

  3. Steve O Says:

    Lovely ride. But five bottle cages? At some point a camelbak starts to make sense.

    Wondering: what percentage of offerings are of the commuter/touring ilk?

  4. Steve O Says:

    Crazy how amerikans have co-opted St P’s and the 5th of Mayo. Quaint little holidays that have turned into corporate events. Cinco de Miller and Erin Go Bud!

  5. Steve O Says:

    If you happen to see any admin tech folks running this year’s show, pass on a kudos for their mobile site version of the web page. Nicely done product.

  6. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Cipollini onions? Bet they go fast.

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