June bugged

The Old Guy got a radical kit makeover for the Giro.

The Old Guy got a radical kit makeover for the Giro.

You ever get the feeling someone hit the fast-forward button on your own personal reality? Lately it seems as though I’m stuck in a high-speed loop — wake up, snag a cup of mud, plunk down before the iMac, and then suddenly it’s bedtime. Repeat ad infinitum.

For instance, how the hell did it get to be June already? The Giro just wrapped, and the Dauphiné starts next Sunday? What is it, racing season or something? Next you’ll be telling me the Tour’s just around the corner.

Consigliere Pelkey and I had a high ol’ time calling the Giro over at Live Update Guy. He solved the never-ending software problem by getting a colleague to build him some, and it worked just swell. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but you don’t need many of those for the sort of one-ring circus we run.

That tent folded this morning. Tomorrow I have an Adventure Cyclist deadline, and Thursday my Bicycle Retailer contributions are due. In between we have Herself’s mother and sisters in residence at The House Back East™, so, yes, my dance card is all filled up for a while yet, thanks for asking.

Also tomorrow, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco, and the usual oracles are predicting bits of this, that and the other.

I’m hoping the elves of Cupertino have been busy stomping bugs in Mavericks, because the old iBeast has been acting out now and then since I pulled the trigger on the OS upgrade (our fourth, after Herself’s MacBook Pro, the Mac Mini we use to stream video, and my MacBook Air). Those newish machines are all ticking along without incident, but with the 2009 iToad I’ve seen hard crashes that can’t be force-quit away; mystery reboots not ordered by Your Humble Narrator; and other oddball ailments that have me spending way too much off-the-clock time discussing diagnoses with kindly old Doc Google.

Right this moment all is well, but boy, does Mavericks ever use a metric shit-ton of whatever memory you have installed. I have 12 GB in the iThing, and more than once over the weekend Activity Monitor reported that 11 of it was in use.

Meanwhile, the 2006 MacBook limps along just fine with Snow Leopard and 2 GB of memory. Go figure.

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18 Responses to “June bugged”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Weird about mavericks. I thought the whole point of it was to make stuff more efficient, less strain on the processor, conserving battery life. So it’s maxing out RAM to save wear and tear on the CPU?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, Steve … apparently this is supposed to be a feature, not a bug. I’m glad I ordered up the maximum memory (8 GB) when I bought the Air. That little sucker is using 3.15 GB with just Safari, TextEdit and Activity Monitor open.

  2. Steve O Says:

    First LUG event I’ve ever missed. Half because I can only spare free time in 5 minute chunks, half because I think I’ve finally given up on giving a shit about watching or listening to or reading about others playing kids games and getting paid for it.

    Maybe it’s just part of getting old, but these days, I’m all about fender mounts and racks that will hold a 6-pack, not so much about skinny tires or aerodynamicsness.

    World Cup is upon us, and it’s the same thing. I get the cultural significance. But it’s still just a game.

    • khal spencer Says:

      So its not just me feeling that way, Steve? Lately, I go into the garage and those race bikes stare at me like discarded girlfriends. I did a 30 mile ride through the mountains yesterday and was happy to get back (of course, raging allergies don’t help). Back in the day, that would have been my one way mileage to the other side of the Jemez.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Gents, I only watch bike racing when I’m getting paid for it. Oh, it still has moments, like any other sport. But I was never really a big sports fan, though I worked briefly as an assistant sports editor at The New Mexican and have been involved in this bicycle nonsense for 25 years now.

      I like doing more than watching. And while it’s fun to ride a nice, light, frisky bike, it’s also fine to ride some 30-pound hunk of rolling stock that lets you carry home and hearth along with you, like a turtle.

      Bad allergies here, too. Eating Claritin-D 12 Hour like M&Ms.

      • veloben Says:

        Odd isn’t it? More and more I’m finding 30-50 miles on a loaded touring bike or a day of shopping by bike and trailer (4 bags more please) more rewarding than a group ride of a 100 on the Giant Defy.

        Just another aspect of bike geezer hood?

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Thanks for the update on using Mavericks on our aging iMacs. I think I will stick with Snow Leopard instead of risking the spinning beach ball of death. Rumor has it a new OS is coming. Maybe that is why Mavericks was free?
    Well, today marks my entry into geezer hood and medicare. Latest “studies” indicate I have 5 more years before I turn into an old asshole. But, you know what Poundstone thinks about studies. Going for a ride and then lunch. No cooking here today! I did make a nice pesto sauce yesterday with basil from out stock tank garden. Oh yea, it is hot here.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Pat, Snow Leopard is just fine. Rock solid. If there are any advantages to using Mavericks I’m not smart enough to see them yet. I’m your classic late adopter, though — I think I was the last Mac user on the planet to move to OS X from “Classic” 9.

      Happy Geezer Day to you. Celebrating by boiling your bum on the bike, are you? I plan to do a bit of that myself once I get a start on this latest deadline. We’re supposed to have mostly cloudy and high 70s here, which I call more or less perfect.

  4. Larry T. Says:

    Perhaps you guys are just not watching the right kind of bike racing, or not watching it in the proper way? Le Beeg Shew is too often like the Super Bowl…a real letdown, while races like the Giro d’Italia are still great. I’ll expand on this in Part 2 of our Zoncolan experience….”Zoncolan – the world’s steepest ride-through party” I’m sure the stage looked fantastic on TV or computer screens, but even for this cynical old-fart, riding up into the “stadium” and seeing it in-person was truly an OMG experience.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    Interesting to read that I-crap seems to be as much a pain-in-the-a__ as the Micro-crap stuff these days. They’re all greedy pricks who want to make you continually pay for upgrades… one way or another.
    Got Part 2 of the Zoncolan blog up now here

    • psobrien Says:

      Thanks for the link Larry. And though Apple stuff sometimes gives some trouble, it is much better for the user than any Microsoft stuff. I used Microsoft stuff at work for 15 years, and Apple at home for 13 years. As strictly a user, and not a computer hobbyist, Apple wins hands down in my opinion. I think my latest issues, and they are minor, result from stretching the life of desktop computers over 5 years (I am cheap except for bikes) forcing software upgrades. The industry just moves faster than that.

      For my birthday today we adopted the Cycle Italia mantra, pedal hard, eat well. Went riding then off to Cafe Mimosa for lunch.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Here’s another to add to the list: Occasionally on awaking from sleep the iMac refuses to connect to wifi. It sees the network, and appears to be connected, but attempts to browse or fetch email draws the message, “You are not connected to the Internet.”

        Also, the Dock just decided to move over to my external monitor for no good reason I can think of.

        I’m starting to see why Apple named this OS after Caribou Barbie. It’s fucked in the head.

    • psobrien Says:

      PS: The Zoncolan blog post were great. Staying up late, drinking with new friends, then suffering the next morning? Life is good!

  6. John Dallager Says:

    POG: Maybe you ought to do a survey of your blog readership to get some demographics?? Sounds like a bunch of enlightened, senior statesmen/stateswomen responders — that’s PC for older cynics and curmudgeons.

    That said, I have two “veteran” self-supported trans-US (think Adventure Cyclists — across the US from E-W and W-E, S-N) nephews who are embarking as we commune on a 1-year self-supported “epic” Alaska to Argentina ride. Before some of you blow a gasket, they’re 27 and 29 years old.

    Their website (which is pretty rad and LUG-esque) to follow them is: http://www.End2endadventures.com.

    Relive your youthful fantasies (well……maybe some of them that are cycling-oriented!!) and appreciate that there are still great American adventurers!


    • khal spencer Says:

      But John. riding cross country is RIDING your bike, not sitting in front of the TV or computer and watching other people do it. Its the equivalent to playing neighborhood flag football vs. being a couch potato in front of the NFL Game of the Week.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      John, that sounds like a great trip. My journeys at that tender age mostly involved Japanese pickup trucks, strong drink and unapproved pharmaceuticals. It’s a wonder I ever made it out of the driveway.

      I hope they’ll stop periodically in motels to watch sporting events on TV and consume processed snack-food products like Real Americans®.

      • Larry T. Says:

        Reminds me of the student my wife related a story about. The kid said he was “really into sports” so she asked what sports he participated in. The response was “None, I just like to watch ESPN a lot” She couldn’t help replying, “So, you’re not really into sports, it seems you’re really into TELEVISION.”

  7. John Dallager Says:

    Well put, Khal and POG!!!!

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