A Giant among men

This stretch was one of the fast downhill bits of our old 'cross courses.

This stretch was one of the fast downhill bits of our old ‘cross courses.

Stifling again today, with the high somewhere in the mid-90s and the promised rain nowhere in sight.

It was already 80-something as I stepped away from the iMac and started slathering on the sunscreen after a bracing few hours playing second-chair tuba in the Live Update Guy Symphony Orchestra during stage 3 of the Tour de France.

What a fella wants after all that chin music is a bit of the old bikey ridey, and a little shade to do it in, so I rode south past Colorado College and America the Beautiful Park to Bear Creek Regional Park, where the Mad Dogs used to run their cyclo-crosses back in the day.

The shade is spotty over there, especially if you climb westward through Bear Creek Terrace toward Gold Camp Road, which I did. Then I zipped down 26th Street into Old Colorado City and turned east, toward home.

Nobody would have mistaken me for Marcel Kittel, who I figure can play The Batman anytime he wants to. I’m sure Ben Affleck would be happy to step aside, especially if Marcel has gotten his bad self up to speed.

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5 Responses to “A Giant among men”

  1. psobrien Says:

    I’m jealous. That looks like a beautiful ride. Glad you got the time between work stuff.
    I rode up Ramsey Canyon and did better than the last time. Nice descent with deer and turkeys as spectators. Then on the bike path heading back into town, boom! Conti Hard Shell sidewall separated from the bead, tube slipped out, and blowout. No booting that rascal. Had to call for extraction. Schwalbe Marathon 700×25 back on ES for awhile.

  2. Libby Says:

    That trail looks very pretty and has a timeless look about it.
    I watched the TdF on tv. I was a surprised that no mention was made of Kittel’s success in the UK (and Ireland) two months ago at the Giro. I wonder how he will go on the cobbles.

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Kittel may have run out of gas based on today’s stage of Le Beeg Shew. But I’m pretty damn happy as my “anybody but Froome” wish has been granted and The Shark of the Straits kicked some a__ on the cobbles, even the substantial a__ of cobble king Spartacus, who promptly started whining after Frank Schleck lost major time. Just when I start to like The Swiss again, he starts whining like a baby.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Quick change of subject. Forgive me, but we get excited about water down here. Famine to feast this week. We received, at our house, 3.75 inches of rain since Monday, 2.75 of those Thursday and Friday. Last night parts of town got 2 inches in one hour. All fire restrictions have been lifted in our area.
    Had to postpone mountain ride this morning. Couldn’t get across the washes. So, road ride in the morning.

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