The ‘Boogie’ man gonna getcha

"Full Tilt Boogie," by Hal Walter

“Full Tilt Boogie,” by Hal Walter

My man Hal Walter of Hardscrabble Times has a new book out. “Full Tilt Boogie” covers a lot of ground, but then so has Hal.

A journalist, runner, world-champion burro racer, ranch hand and foodie who lives in the Upper Boondocks of Crusty County, Colorado, Hal is also the father of an autistic child, Harrison, and the book gives us a glimpse into how he manages all of this without winding up in a Nudie jacket with wraparound arms, playing lonesome country tunes that only he can hear for an audience that only he can see.

“Full Tilt Boogie” can be had in a variety of ways. You can await an old-school dead-tree edition or a digital version from Vook, or contact Hal directly via email or Facebutt and get a special-edition PDF that has more pix than these others.

Perhaps best of all, you can pay what you please, a la the Live Update Guy/NPR revenue model. I think you’ll find his story a worthwhile investment.

• Extra Special Boogie Treat: Here’s a little something to get your feet moving on over to PayPal: Catfish Hodge’s legendary 1973 album, “Boogieman Gonna Get Ya.”

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2 Responses to “The ‘Boogie’ man gonna getcha”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Haven’t been reading anything but tech manuals lately. Time for a little prefrontal cortex plaque remover in the form of leisurely reading.

    If it’s half as interesting as Hardscrabble Times, then it’s worth at least a Jackson. (An Andrew, that is, not a Tito or Jermaine.)

  2. Richard White Says:

    Had to leave a comment after I just posted a cartoon you did for DORBA back in 1996 as a TBT , Jeanne Patterson was the club newsletter editor back then, she said she and Steve met you at interbike back then.

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