One, two, tree

The big maple in Bibleburg is doing its annual thing, carpeting the block with fallen leaves.

The big maple in Bibleburg is doing its annual thing, carpeting the block with fallen leaves.

The big silver maple back in Bibleburg is quite a sight come fall. Also quite a bit of work. It’s a rare year in which we don’t get more than a dozen 32-gallon bags of leaves off the auld fella.

The maple in the backyard in Duke City is a smaller edition, but further along in its seasonal disrobing.

The maple in the backyard in Duke City is a smaller edition, but further along in its seasonal disrobing.

But it’s worth it, because that tree sits on the south side of The Old Home Place®, and keeps the afternoon sun from cooking us like a pair of rotisserie chickens.

We have some class of a maple here in Duke City, too, but a much smaller model, on the east side of Rancho Pendejo™. It’s further along in the leaf-shedding process, but tidying up its droppings should be a damn’ sight easier on the lower back.

This also suits me right down to the ground, because frankly I’d rather be riding a bike than raking leaves. I’ve been discovering the wanderings of Trail 365 north of here, and it makes for some fun riding on the old Voodoo Nakisi. I surprised a couple of mountain bikers in a blind corner the other day and one exclaimed, “Nicely done,” clearly thinking I was on an actual cyclo-cross bike instead of a MonsterCrosser® with a triple crankset and 700×45 Panaracer Fire Cross tires.

Actually, check that, I’ve dialed the front tire down to a 700×42 Continental CrossRide. So I guess I am a manly man after all.


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9 Responses to “One, two, tree”

  1. Steve O Says:

    One thing I’ve noticed different around here than back in the Appalachian locals of my yoot: instead of dribbling off the trees over the course of a month and change, the leaves here seem to collaborate, pick a date, then drop all at once.

    “Hey, Larry, watcha think? Toosday ok wit chew? ”
    “You nose, i’z-a-thinkin’, no hurry here to get Glad-handed down to the fill. Howzabout T’urzday fer you boyz?”
    “Good wit me. T’urzday it iz.”

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    “Suits me right down to the ground.” I remember that old saying from the movie “Tombstone.”
    Went sniffing around my LBS today and found a 1993 Trek 930 Singletrack mountain bike in very good condition. Had a Honolulu bike license sticker from 1996 which made me wary of rust on a lugged True Temper Ox double butted steel frame. No rust that I could see inside the frame. 1993 was the last year of lugged and brazed steel frames from the Trek Wisconsin plant. My how things have changed with Trek. All original components except tires, tubes, saddle, and brake pads, which were all new. $200 out the door with a set of 26×1.5 Schwalbe 420HS Marathon tires thrown in to boot. It is my new around town bike. I just need a shorter stem. Going to do a complete detail job to it tomorrow after our ride.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Pat, I first stumbled across that figure of speech in “The Complete Sherlock Holmes.” When Holmes and Watson are first introduced and contemplate sharing quarters, in “A Study In Scarlet,” Holmes says, “I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street which would suit us down to the ground.”

      Excellent score on the ’93 Trek. I ran through quite a few of their bikes in the Eighties, steel and aluminum both, before shifting my allegiance to Specialized (the New Mexico rep, Special Dave, was a righteous dude).

      Send us some pix when you get ‘er dialed in.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        WE bought the first two seasons on Blu-Ray since we missed them on PBS. I need to watch “A Study in Scarlet” again. Will send pix of Trek when I get it ready to ride to the Empty Bowls event next Saturday.

    • khal spencer Says:

      I’d worry too, but mountainbikes in Hawaii would tend to be used in limited situations, so as long as it was not sitting out in the weather or in the Trade Winds, might be a good score.

      My Univega Speciallisima (since sold) was bought at a garage sale up on Tantalus Drive in the Koolau Range above Honolulu. I got it circa 1990 and rode it as one of my daily drivers to and from work along the coast road between the Ka Iwi Coastline and the U of Hawaii until we moved to Bombtown in 2001. As far as a commute, ‘no ka oi’. Unlike your Trek, my Univega was constantly in the battle between spraying WD40 into the frame tubes vs rust.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Well, when I shined a flashlight down the seat tube I saw clean steel and not a spot of red all the way down to the bottom bracket. No water or condensation from the washing yesterday, and no water came out when I turned it upside down. Cassette and chain wheels show little or no wear, and the Park chain go/no go chain gauge (CC-3) shows go on the .75 side. Lubed it up and inspected it today, and new grease is visible on the bottom bracket, head set bearings, and wheel bearings. Believe the last owner had it overhauled before selling it. Bottom line is that the old 930 looks damn near new. Now to find a shorter/taller stem, put on the rear rack, the pump bracket and Topeak mountain morph pump, seat bag, and ride it.

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Great to hear things seem to be working out on all ends for you, PO’G. Glad I don’t work for the Astana team right-about-now: win Le Beeg Shew in July but destroy most of the atmosphere by mid-October. Only Floyd Landis has made a bigger mess?

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Seems like trouble is following Vino from one squad to the next. Wonder why? After all, he is the Olympic Road champion. Dude got to be legit, right?

    • Larry T. Says:

      On another note, someone told me CBS 60 Minutes ran a feature on the Roman Colosseum recently, with interviews with the director of the American Academy in Rome, where we’re living. Haven’t seen any of it but director Kim Bowes is pretty cool, so it should be interesting.

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