Dumb all over

‘Cause, like, you know, we is*. Dumb and mean, with a little ugly on the side. That’s a wrap for day nine of Zappadan 2014.

* Some of us, anyway. Jesus, I have to quit watching “The Daily Show” if only to avoid seeing clips of all these Fox News fuckheads that otherwise would fly under my radar. What were they in their previous lives, junior-varsity cheerleaders who got expelled for drinking Romilar in the girls’ crapper and imprisoning the kid with the lazy eye and one big shoe in his locker? Nobody dumber or meaner than a second-tier “cool kid,” I swear to God.

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7 Responses to “Dumb all over”

  1. Mike Frye Says:

    I liked “”Dinah-moe Humm” better, I think it was from “Overnight Sensation”.

  2. Libby Says:

    I like turning a sad anniversary into a celebration. Plenty of music and plenty of Zappa to make a festival.

  3. Marc Greene Says:

    Ah, blasphemy, breakfast of champions! This tune was new to me. Many thanks.

  4. veloben Says:

    So true.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    WTF? Either Dubya was clueless while the CIA and Dick-less Cheney were running the show OR he’s simply a liar. I guess the OR part really isn’t needed? Does he just keep painting in the little numbered spots in his coloring book when asked about this video clip? This guy was POTUS, but really just POS. Now his bro’s gonna run in 2016? And our other choice will be Hilary? Gawd help us!

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