St. Nicked

Mister Boo enjoys his Christmas chew.

Mister Boo enjoys his Christmas chew.

Christmas has come and gone without incident, mostly.

On Christmas Eve, at the urging of Herself, we streamed “The Interview,” because freedom, and now I consider that freedom owes me about $7 and 112 minutes of my life. Herself only gets about 90 minutes back because she fell asleep before the big denouement.

Come the big day we cooked up a mess o’ U-nited States of America American® vittles, just the way Jeebus likes ’em (roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy,  stir-fried succotash with edamame, and raspberry cobbler). Later we rang up or emailed various friends and relatives, and parceled out tasty tidbits to all the critters.

The Turk rests up after an exhausting day of sleeping.

The Turk rests up after an exhausting day of sleeping.

We engaged in no elaborate gift-giving. The move to Duke City and the ongoing reconstruction project that is The Six Million Dollar Boo did to our Visa card what Seth Rogen did to Kim Jong-un’s head, but our executive decisions and the consequences thereof have failed to draw the compensatory attention of the White House and the media.

Then it was early to bed — but not to sleep, not right away. Just as we drifted off, The Boo somehow tumbled out of the rack and onto the deck. I leapt from the sack to see whether his sole remaining eye was skittering around the carpet somewhere like a ping-pong ball that had escaped the table.

Nope. No harm, no foul. As Herself clicked on her bedside lamp, there sprawled The Boo, with a slight list to port, peering at me through the Cone of Shame like a dimwitted Soviet cosmonaut who’d forgotten to close the visor on his helmet before launch.

I’ll call that a Christmas gift.

Mia decides to vogue a bit as Herself and I have a bite of lunch.

Mia decides to vogue a bit as Herself and I have a bite of lunch.

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21 Responses to “St. Nicked”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Merry Christmas! And a Bon Hiver, happy solstice, righteous saturnalia, and whatever else you have going on.

    We’re in Nebraska, maybe for the rest of 2014. Got in right as the snow rolled in. It’s not the accumulation, it’s the drifts that getcha.
    Had scuttled our travel plans when everyone got sick, but woke up yesterday morning to a houseful of 98.6s and un-snotty noses. It’s Christmas Miracle #2!!

    (#1 was dinner the other night. Cut into an off-season avocado and it was Emerald City-green, not a single black spot that needed trimming.)

    Random sampling of the general merrymaking:

    Hope you’re having a holly jolly one.

  2. Steve O Says:

    Chris Stevens (on-air):

    “‘I’, said the cow, all white and red. ‘I gave him my manger for his bed. I gave him my hay to pillow his head. I’, said the cow, all white and red. So every beast by some good spell, in the stable dark was glad to tell, of the gift he gave Immanuel. The gift he gave Immanuel.”

    It’s an old legend that, on Christmas Eve at midnight, all the animals fall to their knees and speak, praising the newborn Jesus.

    Back in the winter of ’69, my dad was serving a short time for a DUI, and mom … I don’t know where my mom was. Anyway, I was home alone Christmas Eve, and I stayed up extra kind of late to see if my dog Buddy would talk. And he did. I don’t remember his exact words, but that’s not important. What matters is that a 7-year-old boy experienced his own personal epiphany. What’s my point? Well, it’s that Christmas reveals itself to us each in a personal way, be it secular or sacred. Whatever Christmas is, and it’s many things to many people, we all own a piece of it. It’s like…well, it’s kind of like Santa’s bag. Inside there’s a gift for everybody. My Christmas wish for you tonight: may your dog talk.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That was a fine show. We watched ’em all, and have the entire series on DVD. To think Chris In the Morning would wind up boning Carrie Bradshaw and shilling for Walgreens.

      • Steve O Says:

        Very unique show in a lot of ways, not least of which is that no one — not any of the actors, writers, or producers — did anything as good ever again. The whole was greater than the sum of the parts.

        Chris Stevens, great example. I read that every one of “Chris’s” buddies and family members was a real-life acquaintance of John Corbett, and that the actor had a lot of input on scripts. But JC has been about as one-dimensional as one can get in his post-NX career.

        At some point I looked up all of the writers on the show. Same deal. For 6 years, they cranked out original, authentic, and snappy dialogue. Moving on to later projects, nothing but standard Hollywood drivel.

        The only guy from the show to do bigger and better was Bill Irwin, who played Enrico Ballati, the Flying Man from the existential circus. But that guy’s a national treasure. Not many folks can take the stage with Robin Williams and Steve Martin and blow them both away.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Quiet time here as well. We did go to a friend’s castle in the outback for an early dinner. Spiral sliced ham and the usual holiday side dishes. But a lady guest, who hails from N. O. LA, made a sautéed cabbage with red bell peppers, red onions, and peppered bacon that we all really enjoyed. After all the food, including Sandy’s home made cranberry sauce and assorted beers, a cyclist who was there and I agreed that about 200 miles of riding would get rid of most of what we consumed.

    Glad to hear Boo made through the tumble unscathed. I assume that he won’t need the cone of shame much longer.

    Our gift to ourselves was a new N gauge model train for under the Christmas tree. We bought a Kato Silver Streak starter set that required an unplanned trip to Tucson on Tuesday. After we set it up we just had to watch the movie. Who wouldn’t?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Nice! A choo-choo. I had one as a squirt, but didn’t get into it nearly as much as I did a slot-car set that came along later when I developed a crush on Jim Hall’s Chaparral.

      When we lived in Canada an adult neighbor had a massive model-train setup on this huge sheet of plywood with an entire town and its environs. Really elaborate, and mesmerizing for a kid. Remember Rutger Hauer in “Blade Runner?”

      “Gosh, you’ve … really got some nice toys here.”

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Our little setup goes up once a year under the small christmas tree. We were throwing a Tugga Wubba for the Duffer last year and knocked the engine from the cheap train set onto the floor. Wasn’t quite the same after that. So, another cheap one? Nah, move up to the good Japanese XT level stuff. But, another hobby I don’t need. Bikes, and a little guitar, is enough! I haven’t bought a guitar in 7 years if that tells you about my pitiful commitment to learning how to play one.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    So you sprung for The Interview? Glad I waited for the Mad Dog Review, which reinforces what I read that this would be a real barker. My pet theory is that the producers actually hacked the site to build up interest in an otherwise nondescript B movie.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      B movie? More like a D-minus. With ruthless editing it could’ve made an OK “SNL” sketch.

      I had ideas of this quality back when I was smoking a shit-ton of weed, but nobody gave me $44 mil’ to make them a reality. All I got was a 0.6 GPA, two years at Adams State, and a dropout’s job pushing an idiot stick.

      I was likewise wondering if the hack was a top-shelf bit of guerrilla marketing. If not, then Seth should jet to Pyongyang and smooch Lil’ Kim on his backside for giving his flick a ton more eyeballs than it would’ve gotten on its merits.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Perhaps the North Koreans were more angry about the lousy quality of the movie than they were about the plot. Heck, when Chaplin and the Stooges mocked Schickelgruber, at least they did a good job.

        Hope all is well in the Duke City, Patrick. I drop off Meena for trip to India on Sunday morning, so I will have Bombtown Estates to myself for a few weeks. I might dight drop back down your way if you are around, since its too damn cold up here to ride much.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        We heard and read it was a real stinker. Now we know. Sounds like Meena has recovered enough to travel. Good for her!

        If you guys really are freezing come down here. Not warm enough for knickers, but better weather than what you have. Plenty of places to test that disc Saga. Plus I would get to ride it without buying one.

      • Debby, south of Longtucky Says:

        Glad to read your review so I don’t have to watch it! I watched the trailer, saw that I’d have to pay $5.99 USD (plus tax, no doubt) to see the movie, and decided to pass.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Now that sounds like a road trip. Bloody cold in Duke City lately, too, which makes me glad to have resumed running, however feebly.

        How is Meena, K? You got some Six Million Dollar Bride action going on up there?

      • khal spencer Says:

        She is doing OK. But only 20 days after broken ribs. I just hope she doesn’t re-injure them on the plane ride to India.

  5. Libby Says:

    Love the photos! Glad Mr. Boo is ok. For Christmas I received a repro of a New Yorker cover by the great cartoonist, illustrator turned kid lit giant, William Steig.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Nice, Libby. I need to invest in a bit of art for Rancho Pendejo. The few bits we had on the wall back at Chez Dog don’t stretch as far here as they did there.

      • Libby Says:

        Thanks for fixing that link to the cover, Patrick. My cat is orange-y just like the cover cat.
        The other day, a piece on British ex-pat* Christmas dinners in The Guardian garnered lots of comments. One commenter was moved to call another a “pendejo”. The comment escaped being moderated! I experienced a frisson of recognition and joy that I had learned of the term here.

        *Many comments remarked on the hypocrisy that everyone else is called an immigrant but British immigrants are called “ex-pats”.

      • Steve O Says:

        House looks like it’s coming together nicely, though.
        Santa didn’t bring me an iMac retina, so I can’t blow up the pix to look for mover inventory tags. Every time we clean out a closet, we find another one of those.

  6. Larry T. Says:

    We’re back from our little holiday trip down to Napoli. Enjoyed what is arguably the best pizza in Napoli, which means the best pizza in Italy, which means best pizza in the world at Gino Sorbillo last night. The entire trip down there was worth it just for this! Probably need to do a blog post on the experience?

    • Boz Says:

      Yes, would definitely like a first hand account of the holy grail of pizza, since it will be a while before I get over there to try it in person.

  7. Boz Says:

    Quiet X-Mass eve, just me and the Mrs. and a pan of turkey tetrazzini (from the left over turkey I had smoked). Also, celebrated another mouth to feed, a new Siamese kitten that we acquired a couple of days before. She’s already thinks she’s in charge at seven weeks, much to the chagrin of the rest of our feline brigade. Hissing and growling are the order of the day. Hopefully, that won’t last long!

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