This dump ain’t closed on Thanksgiving

Shut up, kid.

Shut up, kid.

But even if yours is, you can still get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

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11 Responses to “This dump ain’t closed on Thanksgiving”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    “Ceptin Alice”
    Have a great day Patrick!

  2. Steve O Says:

    50 years ago today, Arlo Guthrie took out the garbage.

    Shit, we’re all getting old.

  3. Steve O Says:
  4. khal spencer Says:

    Ah, yes, from one old fart to another, thanks for the annual post.

  5. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Arlo goes deep: “I think stupid people are easily tolerated in this world. For good reason. We’re all stupid at times. However, having said that, when political leaders are stupid and their supporters are stupid, we get into especially stupid situations. … When you encourage people to not go along with it, the world becomes a lot more fun for everyone.”

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      You know what my wife says….
      The Republican candidates for prez prove it every day. Trump and Cruz are starting to scare it still impossible that one of them can get elected? I’m starting to wonder.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        It’s entirely possible, mostly because your wife is spot on. It would be completely in character for a country that went from Clinton to Dubya to Obama to run straight back to the biggest dumbass in the room.

        Don’t overlook Rubio. He’s at least as mean, self-centered and venal as Cruz, but he hides it better.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        It’s scary is what it is, especially if it is a low turnout and big money gets behind one of these bozos. But I think the oligarchy have Jeb in mind, and Trump won’t outspend them to beat him. I hope!

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Word. I think the Donks underestimate how many people hate the Hilldebeast and how many more simply dislike and distrust her. If the Pachyderms wised up and nominated an actual human they’d win in a walk. And they still might win with one of these yahoos. Larry’s wife, etc.

        Meanwhile, no ride for me today. By the time I got clipped in I’d have been halfway to Raton.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Gusts to 32 predicted down here. Guess Duffy gets a long walk.
        If there was a high turnout, especially among younger voters, maybe Bernie has a chance. He’s a career politician that’s 74 years old. Nothing wrong with age, but that is a really tough, high stress job he’s applying for. I haven’t thrown a few bucks his way yet, but I might.

  6. Mike Frye Says:

    “Yes officer, I placed that envelope under that pile of garbage!”
    And if Trump and Billery are going head to head Ill leave the space blank and write down “None of the above.’

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