Meanwhile, back at Thanksgiving. …

Chicken cacciatore and a side of stir-fried succotash with edamame.

Chicken cacciatore and a side of stir-fried succotash with edamame.

It was quiet around El Rancho Pendejo yesterday. No friends, no family, just the five of us — Herself, Mister Boo, Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment), Miss Mia Sopaipilla, and Your Humble Narrator.

Ordinarily we do the holidays with my sister and her husband, but with Fort Collins now an eight-hour drive each way, and the road conditions decidedly Novemberish between here and there, we decided to give the road trip a miss and instead treated them to a FaceTime video tour of our new digs.

Thanksgiving Day breakfast: leftover taters smothered in green with eggs over easy, English muffins and a side salad.

Thanksgiving Day breakfast: leftover taters smothered in green with eggs over easy, English muffins and a side salad.

This seemed a particularly bright move after we heard from our pal Hal, who did the big U-turn from Weirdcliffe to Highlands Ranch and back again, narrowly avoiding disaster. Via e-mail, he reported that Bibleburg “was dry on the north end and a fucking skating rink on the south end. A six-car pileup happened right in from of me on I-25 and I was lucky to not be No. 7.”

Good times. Maybe not.

So, yeah. We stayed home, and I whipped up a mess of Emeril’s chicken cacciatore with a side of Martha Rose Shulman’s stir-fried succotash with edamame. Herself was detailed to prepare a green salad and a raspberry cobbler but instead chose to lean on her shovel, sipping a glass of vino, and who can blame her? Not me. Plenty of veggies in that succotash, yo. Plus we had a salad with breakfast (right), which included eggs over easy atop spuds slathered in green chile. And we had ice cream for dessert.

Hope your day went as nicely as ours did.

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11 Responses to “Meanwhile, back at Thanksgiving. …”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I wasn’t hungry a minute ago. I am now.

  2. Steve O Says:

    Glad your day is nice and quiet.

    Not so quiet back in Bibleburg.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Christian fundamentalist terrorism?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, I’ve been following that. The Gazette’s Stephen Hobbs (@bystephenhobbs) is on site, and Noel Black, who does some radio work with the local NPR affiliate, KRCC-FM, is helping The New York Times localize the story.

      A fit shooter who knew the area and was dressed for 16-degree temps could have himself a high old time up there at Centennial and Fillmore.

      Garden of the Gods and Rampart Range Road are just a hop, skip and a jump west, and Sondermann Park, a hilly, undeveloped area full of jeep trail and singletrack, is just across Fillmore to the south. The eastbound Sinton Trail leading to the Pikes Peak Greenway is a short downhill jog north.

      An enterprising lunatic could use Sinton or Sondermann to work undetected to the Greenway trail network and blend in with the homeless dudes. All these trails parallel small waterways that provide excellent cover. I rode those areas all the damn time. And I did PT after my last crash right next door to that Planned Parenthood clinic. Small world, and very much full of The Crazy.

      • khal spencer Says: covering it too. Jeebus….we don’t exactly need to worry about Syrian terrorists in the old US, do we? Got plenty of our own homegrown.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Looks like the shooter’s in custody. I expect the comments section at The Gazette will be disabled for the better part of quite some time. And no word yet from God’s PIO. Probably out shopping. It is Black Friday, after all.

  3. Dale Says:

    I drove to Delaware yesterday for dinner at my great niece’s house – brought the turkey, stuffing (cooked outside the bird for safety), roasted root veggies, gravy, beans, and rice. Other family provided ham, green beans, succotash, roasted sweet potatoes, and fried oysters.

    Dessert was apple pie and 3 kinds of ice cream from Island Creamery in Chincoteague, VA.

    All in all, at very good feast to pay for later.

  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    We had a quiet one too – no big travel ideas after spending almost 3 days snowed in Chicago vs our planned ONE + the weather forecast here was for freezing rain followed by snow. Traditional dinner all the way, even a California vino to go with roast turkey, stuffing, mashed taters/gravy, green beans and pumpkin pie.. a few hours later.
    I’ll lay money that no mention of the Bibleburg shooters religion is mentioned…. unless he’s a Muslim of course. Probably won’t even be branded a terrorist, just a disturbed individual with a gun or three. A guy who became extra disturbed due to the hysteria about Planned Parenthood ginned up by the occupants of the Rethuglican clown car?

  5. charlespelkey Says:

    Not a slice of turkey, not a spoonful of stuffing, nor a dollop of cranberry sauce … and I couldn’t be happier. Our Thanksgiving in Iceland was highlighted by sightseeing, Arctic Chard and weather that appears to be a fuckload warmer than back in Wyoming.

  6. charlespelkey Says:

    … and I just read about the aforementioned Bibleburg shootings. What the fuck is going on with those people (middle-aged, white Christian, gun nuts with a “pro-Life” bent)?

    Yeah, the Paris shooters were violent, cowardly swine, thus not much different than this pig.

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