There goes the sun

Sunrise ... sunset. ...

Sunrise … sunset. …

It may have come too soon, but yesterday’s sunset was definitely worth a squint. We were walking The Boo through the neighborhood, I had a camera with me, and that was that.

The sun set on Lindsey Graham’s pestilential campaign yesterday, too, boo hoo, boo hoo. Now the silly little hooter has to spend his time like the rest of us, shouting at the TV instead of from it. He bailed out just in time to have his name pulled from the ballot in Petticoat Junction and thus avoid a public flogging in his own back yard.

Oh, yeah. Lindsey also has his day job, which last I looked paid around $174,000 per annum. His estimated net worth after 20 years on Uncle Sammy’s payroll is a piddling $1.02 million. No wonder he’s so bitchy all the time.

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9 Responses to “There goes the sun”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good morning!

    You forget Lindsey’s retirement check from the Air Force as an O6, full bird colonel. That should be good for about $55K or more per year. I don’t think he will go hungry. Plus he has his Bronze Star Medal for great legal advice while on temporary duty for a few weeks to the Afghanistan and Iraq theater of war. Some legal issues to do with detainees, and we saw how well that turned out. Man just doesn’t know how to milk that senator gig, or maybe he is an expert at it.
    Nice picture! We shall see how the riding weather is after walking the Duffinator. Duffy has been nursing a strained neck and back for the last few days. He is like me, can’t remember what he did to hurt his back, but 3 or 4 days of anti-inflammatories and a heating pack, and he is good to go.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      For reals. Retirement as a full bird was pretty decent Back In the Day®, when my old man hung up the baggy blue suit after 30 years.

      Of course, Dad actually got shot at, which must make the retirement in one piece seem all the sweeter.

      Lindsey reminds me of what Joe Wambaugh — himself an ex-Marine — once called a “Remington Raider,” the sort of tough-talking REMF “who never retreated but backspaced lots of times.”

      The Duffinator is on the disabled list, hey? Hope he heals quickly. I have a knee giving me trouble, no doubt the upshot of lugging heavy objects hither and on while unloading Chez Dog. I will never be smart. Or, it seems, fully functional.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        REMF, tru dat. First time I ever heard that acronym after getting out of the Army was right here at Mad Dog Media. Congratulations. Sometimes that description just fits when nothing else will work. But it doesn’t fit the chickenhawk boy (small b) with the comb over. He has never been on the bad end of a bomb or ever delivered one.

    • Steve O Says:

      // The South Carolina Republican’s cash and mutual funds were worth between $216,000 and $740,000 in 2014, according to his latest financial report. //

      That is some fancy bookkeeping. Can I claim a range when I do my taxes? I made somewhere between zero and half a million last year… Can I just pick the number I use on my return ?

    • Steve O Says:

      Was he in the reserves or the guard? Not exactly sure how their retirement works, but it’s not the same as active duty for sure

  2. khal spencer Says:

    The days are now getting longer. On to Christmas!

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