Rock and roll

¡Hot plate, señores!

¡Hot plate, señores!

Bad citizen. Instead of watching last night’s debate, I made chicken-quesadilla platters using leftovers from previous cookery — a spicy chipotle chicken filling for tacos and pinto beans— and some freshly made Mexican rice.

I had been thinking in terms of bean burritos and rice, smothered in green chile, but we both had green chile stew for lunch and a second round seemed a bit much, as did the thought of watching the Wicked Witch of Whitewater and Comrade Eeyore braying at each other.

Don’t get me wrong. Barring some hellish catastrophe I expect to pull the lever for Eeyore in the primary and then, if need be, hold my nose and vote for the Witch in the general. But I’m too old a hoor to pretend I’m enjoying it.

As usual, Charles P. Pierce makes the salient point: If a Donk wins, he or she will still face a GOP-controlled House full of hacks, eejits and loons, and as with the Socialist Mooslim Kenyan Usurper-In-Chief, getting them to agree on the time of day will be an uphill push that will make Sisyphus’s little pasatiempo look like shooting marbles. He adds:

“The idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton will bring these people to heel, given the fact that most of them were raised in a conservative political culture that regards her as Maleficent Of The Ozarks, strikes me as just as fanciful as anything Bernie Sanders has said on the subject of student loans or health-care reform.”

Word. If either should become the nation’s Commander-In-Chief, neither Comrade Eeyore nor the Wicked Witch of Whitewater will be able to order the Flying Monkey Caucus to straighten up and fly right.

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31 Responses to “Rock and roll”

  1. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Pierce is right as usual, but isn’t the hope that a Donc ticket will include replacing some of those Rethug congresscritters with some more interested in progress? They say the younger generation only bothers to vote in the prez contests and if they’re interested (as they were with Obama both times) enough to show up this time Bernie or Billary can win…and maybe end up with a few less obstacles in their way? Otherwise we’re in for Marco Rubio, a better-looking version of Dubya

  2. khal spencer Says:

    One thing that Bernie said which I agreed was that if the Donks can get their shit together with a big turnout (ROTF/LMAO)they could conceivably take back one or both houses of Congress. Otherwise, gridlock. Probably gridlock anyway.

    My worry is if Billary wins the primary, Donk turnout will be low.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    That looks tasty!
    I am still alive fighting the remnants of a cold, flu, and allergies combination that whupped my ass for the last 4 days. I am old and don’t have time for this shit.
    If the Bern wins in NH, I will send him some more coin of the realm. But you are right to point us to congress, no capital C for that assembly of dip shits. Nothing short of a large turnover will get the attention of the oligarchs. And Clinton, help me here Khal, doesn’t have the judgement necessary to handle classified information. Those e mails and private server were a huge mistake.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Thing is, these people don’t believe the rules apply to them. The Witch, sure, private server, bad idea. But others using private email for gummint bidness were Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Also, Bush the Smart, during his stint as governor of Florida.

      Basically, they do as they please and then dare you to FOIA their ass. The Gazette in Bibleburg is forever having to do that to the local oligarchs to get them to admit that they discussed whether the sun sets in the west.

      Meanwhile, which of the gods have you offended, Pat? Sounds like all the Horsemen of the Apocalypse came a-calling at once.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Word. I would just add that the State Department handles very sensitive traffic daily.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        The gods that control microbes and viruses on 500 hands to be shaken and in the environment in pressurized aluminum tubes. I rode on Saturday and felt good. Then a big fist hit me right in the snot locker than night.

      • Steve O Says:

        My two cents, she didn’t use her private server out of convenience or even laziness… It was the sheer vanity of having her own email handle.

      • khal spencer Says:

        I suspect a lot of both, Steve. Vanity and laziness.

        My wife noted last night the number of times Billary said “I” vs. Bernie using the collective “we”. Hmmm.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Given what I do for a living, I don’t like to discuss the details of how stuff is reviewed here. Let’s just say I find her explanations similar to those of Lance “I never tested positive” Armstrong.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:


      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        The essence of the problem with Billary is the old “What were you thinking?” when you fooled around with an intern in the Oval Office, voted for the Iraq war, used a private server for your emails while Secretary of State…and on and on. These people have been in politics seemingly forever yet they still fall victim to stupid screwups like these. Then they come up with all kinds of fanciful excuses and lawyer-speak to try to explain ’em all away. And they wonder why folks find them…well….insincere?
        Billary’s better than anyone in the Rethug clown car and I hope like hell once the Donc establishment has shown Bernie the door anyone with a working brain will show up at the polls to keep the Rethugs at bay for another 4 years + maybe put a progressive or 3 into the Supreme Court.

      • khal spencer Says:

        If Billary wins fair and square, I’ll hold my nose and vote for all the reasons you mention and a few more. If the Donk establishment screws with Bernie, I will still hold my nose and vote for the same reasons, etc.., etc. That said the chances of getting a Prog on SCOTUS as long as the Elefinks own the Senate are remote. Best she could hope for is a centrist, which is good enough for me.

        My worry is a replay of 2000 when disillusioned people thought they could vote for Nader as a protest vote against Tweedledum vs. Tweedledumber. Of course, that was equivalent to any Donk or Progressive shooting themselves in the foot with a very large diameter hollowpoint. What we got was 8 years of Bush the Younger and sidekick Cheney, the Iraq war, and SCOTUS drifting to the right of Atilla the Hun.

        Billary’s comments about her personal server sound like evasive lawyer-speak to me, but I don’t know how State works. The whole thing just stinks of impropriety. But bigshots and impropriety go together like pork and beans. Who is surprised?

        That said, Bernie is right to let it go. There are way bigger fish to fry in this election and besides, I suspect a shitfest about server-gate would hurt both of them. Serving up a healthy serving of pan fried Freshwater Wall Street Robber Baron sounds better to me.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Well, I’m hoping that Bernie surprises everyone, including me, and wins both NH and South Carolina. I hope Trump loses in NH and being second again makes his haughty ass drop out. I would call him an arrogant asshole, but haughty sounds better for the refined and sophisticated audience of the Mad Dog. And I hope young voters flip congress. But like Patrick says, hope in one hand, shit……..
    There is one benefit to being under the weather a few days. I got to binge watch the last season of Downton Abbey. It was well done.

    • David Rees Says:

      Pat, actually arrogant asshole sounds much better…

    • khal spencer Says:

      Get well soon, Pat. I just decided to swear off the oxycodone after my tet a tet with the surgeon on Wednesday. No riding for at least a week. Just did two slow laps walking around the block.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      I want Trump to get the Rethug nomination, not drop out. He’s the only way Bernie (should he somehow outfox the Donc establishment and get the nomination) can win the election in November. Billary vs Rubio makes me fear a fiasco like in 2000. I still remember consoling myself, saying “Ah, Dubya’ll be a one-term wonder just like Daddy. How much can he screw up in four years?” And then things went downhill… Rubio’s nothing but a better-looking version of C+ Augustus, as C. Pierce likes to call him. I’ll even hold my nose and send a check to Billary if that’s the matchup!!!

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Well, at least Russia agrees with most of us. From Corey Flintoff’s NPR piece this morning.
    Russian government adviser Sergei Markov says no. “Russians believe that it doesn’t matter who is American president,” the former lawmaker says. “The real policymaker in United States is oligarchy groups and U.S. bureaucracy.” They prefer Sanders.

  6. khal spencer Says:

    Another article on Servergate in the NY Times this morning.

  7. Jon Paulos Says:

    Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but I’m having a hard time understanding the issue with Hillary’s emails. Every secretary of state (from both parties) since email started being used has done what Hillary did. Yeah, in hindsight it shouldn’t have been done, but to attribute this all to a conspiracy seems farfetched. LarryT’s question “What were you thinking?” gets at this. When I ask the question about what was she thinking, I’m concluding that the answer is probably, “Everyone else has done it, the law is silent on this, and I have personal business as well, so what the hell.” In hindsight, we see that the political opposition has a habit of not letting common sense stand in the way of an opportunity to attack, so I guess that probably wasn’t the smartest think to think, but that’s about all I can fault her on. Hell, I’ve got two cell phones, one for work and one for personal.

    My other issue is one of competence and effectiveness. We know that whoever is president will need to have two things, guaranteed. One, the ability to get things done (effectiveness), and Two the judgement to deal with the unexpected (experience/competence). I see Hillary as having both in plentitude. Not to slam Bernie, but I see Hillary as better in both arenas. I’m not seeing evidence of either on the part of the three Republican frontrunners.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      If she had used the government E mail system, she would have had two E mail addresses, one for unclassified traffic, and one for classified. The unclassified one is on a government network but anyone can send mail to it, and she can send mail to anyone from it. The second classified system requires strict user authentication to access and the network is secured and can only be accessed by authorized users. It is intensively managed by network administrators. So for everyday business, it would have been just as easy for her to use the unclassified system on any device she wanted. Plus she could have received classified traffic without any worries or attempts by amateurs trying to sanitize it for the unclassified side. She created a big security problem for personal convenience. And that exposed sensitive data, mostly that should have been for official use only and could be classified in the future, unnecessarily. She simply didn’t think it through. Not a trait I like in presidential candidates. Especially for a position that handles the most sensitive information everyday.

      • khal spencer Says:


      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Isn’t this the woman who coined the phrase “vast right-wing conspiracy”? Who, more than she should be making double-damn sure her political opponents don’t get freebies to attack her with? Yet over and over again, she (and hubby) seem to do some sloppy, half-assed thing that leaves them open to all kinds of criticism like this email flap. I don’t think either of these people are stupid, far from it, but I start to wonder if they somehow have decided that it doesn’t matter how sloppy and half-assed they look? Those are not qualities I look for in a presidential candidate, though I’ll hold my nose and vote for her over whoever is on the other side in 2016.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Arrogance of power (quiz–who wrote the book?). Pure and simple. Billary comes across as just plain arrogant. Then when criticized as being part of the establishment problem, she hides behind the “first woman to run for president” thing. My better half nearly went through the ceiling when Ms. Clinton pulled that line in the Bernie debate.

  8. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Drooling over your food photo made me want to catch up on food posts on the CycleItalia blog

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Yummy! I am not a wine drinker. If you were to have beer instead of wine, what would be your pick? Are there any craft, strictly regional, or micro breweries in Italy? Favorites?

  9. khal spencer Says:

    As for me, its now 27 hours without Rush Limbaugh’s Little Helpers. I am going to have a glass of wine and crank up Volunteers on the computer. Look forward to getting back on the bikes.

  10. Hurben Says:

    A relaxing 37 Kms this morning, I worry over your electoral system

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