Not the campaign trail

The Joe Appaloosa enjoying a bit of dirt time north of El Rancho Pendejo.

The Joe Appaloosa enjoying a bit of dirt time north of El Rancho Pendejo.

How’s your August so far?

Mine’s been great. I got 90 minutes of trail time on Rivendell’s Joe Appaloosa today, and two and a half hours on their Sam Hillborne yesterday.

The Sam Hillborne rolls northbound along the Paseo path.

The Sam Hillborne rolls northbound along the Paseo path.

This is loads more fun than waiting for Ronald McDonald McTrump to shit out of his mouth again. Dude erupts more consistently than Old Faithful. But if you keep the iPhone locked away in a Ziploc bag, and stuff the bag into a jersey pocket, you don’t get drenched until you get home.

Speaking of drenched, the weather wizards advise that a “sustained monsoon moisture plume” is working itself into a Trumplike frenzy, which is good news in a place that just wrapped up a scorcher of a July and was seeing its third-driest year ever.

It would be nice to see less rain more often — flash floods are about as much fun as droughts, as the homeless dudes hunting for their belongings along the I-40 trail will tell you — but like the GOP, we’ll take whatever we can get.

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17 Responses to “Not the campaign trail”

  1. Stan Thomas Says:

    “if you keep the iPhone locked away in a Ziploc bag…”

    but you might burn your arse off …

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Hola. Monsoon has been good here last few days. We got around 2 inches of rain since Saturday. This morning a storm chased us back to the garage after only 12 miles of riding.
    The Joe Appaloosa road test only gets in 10 seconds before it freezes up and starts the never ending queuing. I will try later.
    I think the Dumpster is already starting the excuses leading up to quitting. He just can’t bear the idea of losing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It’s hard to complain about water in the desert, Pat. We’ve been fortunate here in that the rain mostly falls after we’ve already done our business (me riding the bike, Herself working and driving home).

      El Trumpo sure seems to be laying the groundwork for (a) an early exit from the race or (2) a powerful ass-whuppin’ come November. I’d like to see him stick it out and take a brutal thumping, if only because if he bails the GOP hacks might trot out someone marginally sane to pull their butts out of the barbecue.

  3. JD Dallager Says:

    PO’G: So what’s with the double top tube? Form/style or function? I’m a big believer in Montbell’s motto (don’t want to be accused of plagiarizing in today’s election environment! 🙂 ) that “Function is Beauty”.

    Anyway……start prepping for Interbike…..should be a nice respite from the ongoing 100 day countdown to mediocrity-choosing or “voting your conscience”. 🙂

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      JD, Grant Petersen tells me the double TT is intended to give taller bikes with longer head tubes the stiffness and strength of smaller bikes with shorter head tubes. The double TT is only on sizes 58cm and up. The head tube on my 58 is like 200mm tall, no kiddin’.

      Rivendell used to give the bigger Sam Hillbornes the same treatment, but nixed it for the latest run because they’re positioning the Sam as more of a road bike now, with less emphasis on touring.

      Interbike. Ay, Chihuahua. Back to the stink-pit, where the American Dream blossoms into a full-blown nightmare. I can’t believe I’ve already made my hotel reservations. How’d it get to be August already?

  4. Libby Says:

    Far better than the campaign trail! Nifty, stylish video of the Joe Appaloosa.
    I looked at your Twitter sonnets below and saw some of the responses @nytimes. The support of Trump no matter what he says and does coupled with the vile remarks directed at the Times and other targets is demoralizing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Thanks, Libby. I agree, the support for Der Trumpenführer is a downer. This is a guy who not only isn’t remotely qualified for the gig, he doesn’t even want it — he’s a fourth-rate TV “personality” who just wants the part. Five gets you ten the sonofabitch would try to hang a TRUMP sign on the White House.

      Lord have mercy. Being on his Secret Service detail must be like swamping out the rabid hyenas’ cage at a no-kill animal shelter.

  5. mooremediaone Says:

    Thanks for posting the Joe Appaloosa video, such a nice looking rig. The older I get, the more I desire just one bike that can (mostly) do it all. The Joe App certainly looks like a contender.

    ~Doug Moore

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It is a pretty bike, isn’t it? I put some 29×2.1 WTB Nanos on it for today’s ride and it just ate up our sandy trails. With the stock 700×45 Kenda Kwick Bitumens you can likewise gobble up the asphalt and hardpack. And you can fit 50mm rubber and still use fenders. Versatile as all hell.

  6. Carl Duellman Says:

    we had over 6″ of rain here yesterday. that made it nice and cool this morning or at least not 80 degrees at 6:00am. it’s a pretty common event here in the summer. we’ve had several 100 year storm events (13″) and one 500 year storm event (21″) in the past decade.

    i love these all purpose bikes. though i can’t keep up with anybody on a road bike or mtb, i can go anywhere and enjoy it.

    you do some nice videos. i wish it was a regular feature.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      SIX inches? I think that’s about two years’ worth of rain here, when we get it, which mostly we don’t. And only 67.5° here at 6 a.m. Yow.

      I can’t keep up with anybody on anything lately, seems like. I got passed on a rolling section of road by a dude pushing a mountain bike yesterday. Dropped me like a hot rock, he did. I thought I’d catch him on the climb to Sandia Park but nope.

      Glad you enjoy those videos. I pretty much try to do one for every bike I review, but occasionally there’s one that just doesn’t say, “Lights, camera, action!”

      Doing ’em takes me way outside my comfort zone. Happily, there have been so many advances in audio-visual technology since I was trying (and failing) to learn something about movie-making in college that even a no-talent shlub like me can turn out something that isn’t a total embarrassment.

  7. Larry T Says:

    August? Hot, humid and I’m in Iowa 😦 and as you note there’s that race to the bott……..’er, race for the White House going on to make things worse.
    I’m sort of looking forward to getting outta here for Interbike next month…imagine that! A lot of my Italian bike industry friends will be there as well as some pretty bikes to look at + I can get a good first-hand look at Campagnolo’s new POTENZA groupset. I think that 34 X 32 low gear will be appreciated by more than a few of our clients!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Lorenzo, 34×32 is a must-have for this old dog. I was pushing a 36×32 on a lot of yesterday’s ride from El Rancho Pendejo to Sandia Park (I had a 24T granny but it’s forbidden to go there unless you have four panniers full of auto parts, plumbing fixtures and dead bodies).

      What’s your sked like at I-bike? We should get together with the Adventure Cyclist mob.

      And yeah, summers in Iowa. I remember ’em well from when we’d visit my maternal grandma in Sioux City. I feel your pain.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Our rental fleet has either 30 X 28 or 34 X 29 for low gears but neither groupset is still in production in Vicenza so Potenza is very interesting, especially at a price comparable to the Big S’ Ultegra.
        I’ll be in Lost Wages on the 22nd and 23rd and usually can be found somewhere in the Italian Pavilion, though I do wander out of there now and then. I’ll send you a number that’ll ring a non-smart phone I’ll have with me so we can try to meet up.

  8. Pat O'Brien Says:

    That was a very nice video. Nice camera work, background music, narration, and tech stuff. The review was good too. You need a raise in pay. And, that radio voice is till there. You could talk to thousands of people without being on stage.

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