Trump card

The 2016 pestilential election is turning into one of the less-than-hilarious Monty Python sketches.

“You’ve got a nice representative democracy here, citizen.”


“We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. …”


Even the dumbest casino guy knows a Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

Even the dumbest casino guy knows a Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

What indeed. Ronald McDonald McTrump has clearly let the fat in his fast-food diet go straight to his head, where a .25-caliber brain struggles to govern a .50-caliber mouth.

I wonder what his Secret Service detail thinks about his quip about a Second Amendment solution to a president’s constitutionally derived authority (Article 2, Section 2) to nominate judges, given that their colleagues protect the other candidate for the job.

The candidate whose back Der Trumpenführer just decorated with a red-white-and-blue bullseye.


22 Responses to “Trump card”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Asshole is sitting next to a pool full of gasoline, and he keeps playing with matches. The only question is, “who is the conductor of this window dressing election we are about to have?”

  2. larry brown Says:

    A change of subject, Dan Craven (Namibia) last place in the games on a regular bicycle, my kind of guy. Sorry about the subject change but I’ve had it up to here about dumbo.

  3. Larry T Says:

    My dream political matchup was Sanders vs Trump, but instead we got Billary, just like we got Kerry instead of Dean. I’m not a fan of Billary but the Supreme’s they’ll appoint will do a lot of good for a long, long time.

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