‘An excess of stupidity’

As Samuel Johnson once said of Thomas Sheridan, “Such an excess of stupidity, sir, is not in Nature.”

So, by now, even the dumbest, sheet-wearing, Stars-and-Bars, piss-on-the-fire-and-call-in-the-dawgs peckerwood has to know that the cheese has done slid right off King Donald the Short-fingered’s cracker, right?

Even a John Birch bedwetter whose head has been up his ass since Earl Warren fronted for the Supremes can see that the Tangerine Tyrant is long overdue for a stylish canvas blazer with wraparound arms and a corner table at the Rubber Room for himself and all those voices in his head, yeah?

Seriously. Anyone who’s spent any time around Alzheimer’s patients, drug addicts or the criminally insane have seen this behavior before. There is something dreadfully wrong with him, and yet nobody capable of frog-marching him to the screw factory for rethreading has shown any interest in stepping up and performing the necessary laying on of hands.

The hacks running today’s Grand Old Party seem perfectly content to let a lunatic hurl inflammatory and actionable idiocy from the White House like a monkey flinging his own dung in a primate house, as long as he continues to have a pulse and one hand not too busy with masturbation to sign whatever they set before him.

He also makes a lively distraction from their efforts to dismantle the Republic and sell off its parts.

“Mama, what’s ‘health insurance?'”

“Never mind, honey. Just watch the funny orange man.”

Judas Priest. What does a guy gotta do to get impeached around here? Oh, yeah, I remember now.


22 Responses to “‘An excess of stupidity’”

  1. Libby Says:

    Brilliant summing up, Patrick! I wish the lot of them would “prime the pump” with their resignations. Starting with Shitler, Pence and Ryan. I wonder what other phrases Dump will take credit for coining.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Boss Tweet is really losing it quick, but not fast enough for me. The closer all these investigators and press, the real ones anyway, get to the smoking gun, the more paranoid the asshole gets. I hope that Samantha Bee or John Oliver finally nail him.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The press will keep poking him with sharp sticks until he orders an airstrike on The New York Times out of sheer pique. Not even a budgie pecking a mirror is this fascinated with his own reflection.

  3. Steve O Says:

    // Seriously. Anyone who’s spent any time around Alzheimer’s patients, drug addicts or the criminally insane have seen this behavior before. //

    There’s a shortage of folks in public policy with real world experience.

    // I wish the lot of them would “prime the pump” with their resignations. //

    That’s a cool phrase. Did you make it up? 😜

    // I hope that Samantha Bee or John Oliver finally nail him. //

    Can only hope and pray that, despite this administration’s best efforts, at some point some clerk with access to the files will let them slip. I have zero confidence in Congress, the FBI, or anyone from DoJ every doing the right thing. But journalists are pissed, and will not let this go, and at will pursue either the truth or just a damn good story until they get it.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I have a feeling that some low-level functionary weary of sponging pee off his shoes will be the one to unleash the kraken.

      There’s a great line in Richard Russo’s “Nobody’s Fool” in which the protagonist, Sully, is described as the sort of guy who would eat only so much shit before deciding it was someone else’s turn.

  4. Steve O Says:

    Trump is painfully obviously not right in the noggin. Can only image what it’s like to actually work for him. It would be similar to starting a new job, and the only instructions you got were, “do not acknowledge the boss’s farts.” And then at every possible meeting or interaction, the dude is letting them rip, right in your face. For a while you’re saying, “this sucks, but I gotta put bread on the table, baby needs a new pair of shoes.” But it is not sustainable. Before long, someone leaves screaming, “this is not okay!!”

    What I don’t get is, the pendulum inevitably swings back. Might be 2018, might be 2020, might be 2040. And I do not see the Dems forgiving this behavior. Not when there are so many easy national security hooks on which to hang a prosecutor’s hat. The second the Dems get back in control, they’ll go for revenge but disguised as national security.

    And then after that, no one with any sense every runs for public office again. Because even if you’re on the up and up, Wash DC Job #1 will be revenge and retribution.

  5. mooremediaone Says:

    Well said. You’ve used all the adjectives, none left to describe this group of jerks.

  6. Mike Frye Says:

    Cute joke about alzheimers. My mom has Alzheimer’s, she used to be on the US national Tennis team, at the same time she was getting her bachelor’s degree in English. Later she got a Masters degree in Audiology, now she has about a 30 second window of clarity. Just be thankful that you or anyone in your family never has that affliction.

    Donald Trump is many things, a idiot is not one of them. I personally despise his style, his rhetoric and his personal demeanor. Ad hominem attacks may make you feel good but, what does it do to feel that your team was trounced by a idiot?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sorry to hear about your mom, Mike. But you’re going to have to develop a thicker skin and pay closer attention if you want to hang around here.

      Alzheimer’s killed my mom. In the fall of 1991 Herself and I quit our jobs in Santa Fe and moved in with her in Colorado Springs to oversee her physical care while my sister managed her finances.

      We could only bear it for about a year and a half; luckily for us, she had been a very sharp businesswoman and had built a nice little nest egg out of Dad’s military pay and a small real-estate deal they and another retired Air Force couple put together. She wound up in the best Alzheimer’s unit in town.

      As for Donald Trump, he may have had his wits about him once, but he clearly does not now. For all Trump’s self-professed expertise in “the art of the deal,” Kevin Drum once observed that he would have been much wealthier had he simply plunked all that family money in a savings account. But then God knows how many lawyers might have gone hungry over the decades.

      As for trounced, nope. Clinton won the popular vote by quite a margin, as you may recall. Alas, the Electoral College — like many other aspects of the system our Founding Fathers bequeathed us — failed to function as intended. One of its purposes, paternalistic to be sure, was to serve as a check on popular idiocy.

      • Mike Frye Says:

        I think we’ve had this discussion before, the electoral college was put into place to let the smaller states have as much “pull” as the larger ones, otherwise why not just let California and New York make all the political decisions? Question:Tell me where you can take a million dollar investment and turn It into 650 In the in the bank?

        Sorry to hear about your mom, mine is still alive and I will be be babysitting her tomorrow. My dad who is 85 still takes care of her, but he’s having a harder time now. I’m trying to fill in where I can, she now and has the tendency to wander off and you have to keep track of her all the time. She seems to have developed A obession with the telephone lately she calls me at least 10 times a day. Fortunately for me that core good person Is still there.

        I will work on developing a thicker skin and I do enjoy these little get-togethers we have. Conservatives generally don’t hate the opposition like the liberals do. They just think that if you would just logically look at the facts you would come up with the same conclusions.

        Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        The Electoral College was devised in part to put the slave-holding agricultural South on a par with the North. It also was a paternalistic attempt to keep the unwashed from directly electing the president, and if memory serves in five cases this archaic structure has cost winners of the popular vote the election.

        Furthermore, electors — party hacks, bagmen and other tools of the trade appointed by political parties — are not bound to vote in accordance with the wishes of the electorate in their state. That most have is merely tradition.

        As regards your notion that “conservatives generally don’t hate the opposition like the liberals do,” I refer you to Earl Warren, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Clintons I and II, Al Gore, John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren, et al.

        An industry has sprung up around the brotherly love the American Right has for the Left and is coining serious money from “conservative” hatred for the Other Side.

        Regarding Trump’s family money, now, Kevin Drum has a little more high-end business experience than either of us, and I’m inclined to trust his geek-brain number-crunching on the math. But the idea that Cheeto Benito (h/t P.O’B) got only a million-dollar head start on the rest of us is ridiculous on the face of it. That was the proverbial drop in the bucket. His family, and the people he has bilked over the decades, have paid his bills a thousand times over.

  7. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Us lefties like to think that if you would just logically look at the facts you would come up with the same conclusions as we did – TRUMP was pretty much the last person you’d want with his stubby little fingers on the nuclear button.
    Billary promised pretty much 4 more years of the Obama Administration – do I need to list the improvements in things since the socialist-Muslim took over the mess left to him by the previous Rethug in the White House? That’s the choice we had as I remember – and now the TeeVee news keeps going back to the folks who voted for the greasy orange turd, expecting them to express regret. Maybe once they have no healthcare or realize the rich got even richer while they got squat they might – but by then it’ll be way-too-f__ing-late!

    • Mike Frye Says:

      How do you think I would be treated if I described the past occupant of Pennsylvania Avenue in the same terms you are currently doing? As I’ve stated before I don’t really like Trump but it was either him or Hillary. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she managed to sell all of the rights to uranium production in the United States to your buddies the Russians for a mere 250 million dollars donated to the Clinton foundation.

      Fortunately for the country, she is probably the worst operational politician in the country. In America, she almost got defeated by avowed socialist and that’s with the questions in the debate being submitted to her in advance. Look under Webster’s dictionary under the term corrupt and you’ll see her staring right back at you.

  8. psobrien Says:

    When I see people divided by right or left, conservative or liberal, or rethugs and lefties, I know the propaganda ads on TV and in biased press are working as the political parties and the oligarchy intended. Mike, Trump won by about 110,000 votes in three swing states by courting the NRA and religious PAC and stirring up anger and hate. Do you think the electoral college should put more importance on 111,000 voters than on 2.9 million? Do you think that Trump would have had any chance against someone other than Clinton? Do you think Trump would have won had the NRA or Focus on the Family had endorsed Clinton? Should these groups have that kind of power? Bottom line is that Trump was consumed by winning. He didn’t want to be president and is unfit for the job for many reasons including the ones you list above. I would defend someone who voted for Trump 4 months ago. At least they voted. But, he has demonstrated that he simply can’t do the job and is overwhelmed by the responsibility. His actions show he is only concerned by how he looks, literally and figuratively. I can no longer defend a Trump vote because the people who voted for him should know by now that he conned them. He is the worst kind of autocrat and oligarch. By the way, his inheritance was $15 million, and had he invested that in a stock index fund he would be as rich today as he claims he is. Bottom line is that I went to war ( a useless one) for Nixon, I wouldn’t cross the street for this asshole.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      In fact is I would’ve happily voted for Bernie Sanders as opposed to Hillary or Trump and as Republicans go in the primaries I voted for Marco Rubio. I was hoping to an American of Cuban ancestry would be a great way to go.

  9. Not Jusuk Says:

    If you don’t stop picking on President Trump I’m going to quit reading your blog! Said none ever. Amazing some people I once thought had a brain still believe his act.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      I never believed in Trump. I just thought that he would be slightly less damaging than Hillary.

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