Pampers, stat!

At the Wet House, President Arthur Curry vowed to sign the 2032 Paris climate accord, calling the U.S. exit in 2020 “water over the bridge.”

Lakota: “Take courage, the earth is all that lasts.”

King Donald the Short-fingered:Hold my Coke and watch this.”

Jesus wept. I don’t want every single post on the blog to be about this pig-ignorant son of a bitch, but Lord, does he ever make it difficult to blog about anything else.

Which is probably exactly the way he likes it. “Lookit me,” squeals the giant toddler as he shits in the sandbox again, knowing he’ll be long gone before it starts to stink.

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21 Responses to “Pampers, stat!”

  1. David Rees Says:

    I’ve run out of words – this man has GOT to go, and go now…

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I will let George explain it.

  3. psobrien Says:

    I forgot that we now join Nicaragua, Syria, and Russia in not being in the Paris Climate Accord. Russia? Gee, that sounds familiar.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Assholes in, Assholes out. Carlin nailed it. Greg Camp said clearly on a Medium piece the other day. We need a third party. And probably a fourth party, too.

  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    But wait, Cuba’s next! Unless they can come up with $100 billion to buy some weapons they’re gonna get lectured by the greasy orange turd about – HUMAN RIGHTS! Funny how those don’t seem to have any value when Muslims are the victims but he’s Drumpf and I’m not. I’m sure he’ll explain it to us, bigly! Covfefe, etc.
    Make America Hated Again!

  6. Dale E Brigham Says:

    Of all the bizarre and disturbing rhetoric that spewed out of Our Great Leader’s maw yesterday, the most notable to me was the junior-high level of insecurity and petulance it exposed in his thinking. First, the “they (other countries) are all laughing at us,” as if he dropped his tray in the cafeteria line, and the other kids made fun of him. Second, the line about renegotiating the accord (“great” if it happens; “fine” if not). Substitute this following statement for that one, and it makes perfect sense — “I am going to ask Heather to go to the game with me. If she says yes, then great. If not, then fine. I don’t want to go with her, anyway.” It seems our foreign policy is based on the whims and anxieties of a not-very-well-adjusted 8th grade boy. God help us!

    Dale in Mid-MO

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Dead right! I couldn’t believe the bits about other countries laughing at the USA. They weren’t laughing since W was replaced by an adult, but they’re laughing loudly now when the guy who lost the prom king vote in high school is petulantly in charge. The USA is the laughing stock of the world now that the greasy orange turd’s in the White House, but he’ll never figure it out- that’s all “fake news” of course! Gawd help us!

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Make America alone again! That’s what the newsies are saying today. Trumplethinskin will just blame it on President Bannon and Vice President Miller. They are the worst kind of poseurs.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Eighth grade? Only via social promotion. I’ve seen smarter, better adjusted, more capable fourth-graders.

      • Dale E Brigham Says:

        I stand corrected. Long ago, I taught 8th grade science, and even the most dense and difficult of the students were Einsteins and Ghandis compared to Our Glorious Leader. He is truly incomparable.

        Dale in Mid-MO

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        O, you should be glad you didn’t have me in your class. I was dumb as a stump about math and science. When I was successfully evicted from high school and into college I had to take the stoner science classes to make the credits. You know, like astronomy, geology and bowling.

  7. Dale E Brigham Says:

    Patrick my boy (even though you are a handful of years elder than I), I would have loved to have you in my class. If only for procuring a reliable source of weed, that would have been enough. Seriously, I am sure you know more about climate science than Our Glorious Leader and his acolytes. ‘Dem boys is dumb as rocks (which is an insult to our mineral brethren).

    Dale in Mid-MO

  8. Ira Says:

    Trying to revive the coal industry is like trying to regain the market for horseshoes and buggy wheels. It’s a dirty, labor intensive fuel source that’s well past its prime. You’d have to subsidize the crap out of it before it would sell. The smart money, including China’s, is on renewables. The rest of the world is looking at the Paris agreement as an opportunity to create a new sustainable growth industry. Stubby fingers needs a lesson in macro economics, me thinks.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      if you look at China today, its main sorce of fuel is unregulated coal burning. That may be the reason why our level of CO2 is going up so dramatically in the past 15 years. If India and China had the same environmental regulations as the United States there wouldn’t be the huge uptake in CO2 emissions.

      In England at turn-of-the-century they also had the runegulated burning of coal in the cities. There are several serious cases where due to a temperature inversion many people in the city of London died due to air pollution.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I knew it was all their fault. Good thing they don’t pollute at the per capita level we do. If they did, Miami would already be under water.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        From The New York Times: India, once a coal Goliath, is fast turning green.

        From Mother Jones: Trump’s views on China are wildly outdated.

        From Foreign Policy: The convenient disppearance of climate change denial in China.

        From Kevin Drum: The U.S. brings up the rear when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        China and India have 36% of the world’s population. You think that has anything to do with it? We have 4.3% of the world’s population but are the second largest polluter of CO2. India has 1.34 billion people. We have 326 million but produce over twice as much CO2 emissions. China has 1.39 Billion people, and we produce half the CO2 that they do. And we exported much of our CO2 producing industry to China. Mike, you think all the F-150’s and average, 2160 square feet, houses in the US are a free shot? Do a little homework bud.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        It’s amazing to me that what, 192 other nations were conned by this “Chinese Hoax” but only Mr. Trump is/was smart enough to realize the con (takes one to know one?) and get the USA out of it just-in-time. As a candidate we heard plenty of “it’ll be so easy” and “I alone can fix it” so I’m wondering if America will have been Made Great enough Again to get this guy re-elected? Based on his campaign hogwash 4 years should be enough to fix pretty much everything – so why’s he already gearing up for another term? I’m hoping to hear guys like Mike explain how great everything has become in say, 2-3 years – is that enough time?

      • Jon Paulos Says:

        Mike has a point about the coal use in China. One thing they are doing to address it is to also build nuclear power plants. At this time they have 36 working reactors, 21 currently under construction, and numerous more in the planning stage. Compare that with the US, where we have a little over 100 reactors, with one (I think) under construction. They seem to be embracing Obama’s policy of pursuing a blend of power solutions.

        Nuclear has an issue with the waste (which we in the US make worse by bad policy), but as the former head of Greenpeace has pointed out, its contribution to global warming is so low relative to the amount of electricity generated as to be almost unmeasurable.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Hi Jon. Nuclear has a bunch of positive points, especially almost zero green house gas emissions. But nuclear waste is more than just an issue. It is a extremely serious, dangerous and unsolved problem. Until it is solved, nuclear power just isn’t an option for me. I am not normally a NIMBY person. But I would turn into one in a nanosecond if some company wanted to build a nuclear plant in our little Arizona burg. The Zion nuclear plant was built in 1973 eight miles from where I grew up, and the spent fuel, still highly radioactive and dangerous for thousands of years, is still on site. There is no good policy on where to put it, or how to mark a disposal site so someone doesn’t dig it up 900 years from now. I recommend watching the PBS Independent Lens special on nuclear waste and contamination if you haven’t already done so. Here is the clip.

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