Videocy (an ongoing series)

Just past the turnoff to Heartbreak Hill, the marquee bit in the Santa Fe Century.

Wrapped another video for Adventure Cyclist yesterday. I was sick of all my usual backdrops, so I went up to Heartbreak Hill off NM 14 and fiddled around a bit there.

Going up (but not very far).

And no, I didn’t ride the Co-Motion Deschutes there, thanks for asking. It would’ve been fun, but we’re talking a hilly 65-mile round trip from El Rancho Pendejo. Herself was serving jury duty, The Boo is very much not interested in being alone for several hours, and I had to edit the video and do the voiceover when I got home.

Also, and too, it rained like a mad bastard here yesterday afternoon, and had I been an actual touring cyclist, instead of merely playing one on TV, I’d probably have gotten caught in it. I hear you’re supposed to suffer for your art, but still, damn.

Speaking of suffering, I see the latest iteration of Trumpcare croaked on the table. Take a moment to cheer, by all means, but let’s remember the advice of kindly Doc Winston Wolf before we get too giddy. As Kevin Drum notes, the main reason the beast died is that it wasn’t tough enough on the poors.

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8 Responses to “Videocy (an ongoing series)”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    So how hard is Heartbreak Hill, anyway?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Y’know, back when I was a man, instead of whatever it is I am now, it was pretty damn’ hard. The steepest bit is about 15 percent, according to the New Mexico Touring Society.

      I used to climb just about anything in the 39×19, but I think HH persuaded me to go to a 23-tooth cog. Especially that time I rode it on a whippy steel Trek and the thing kept auto-shifting me into the 17.

  2. Dale Says:

    The GOP doesn’t need to repeal ACA. They will chip away at rules, let mandates be unenforced, and toss sabots into the gears of ACA until it teeters on the brink of collapse.

    Only then will they have a plan, or none at all – and no one will be able to tell the difference.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Trumpcare (nearly gags me to type it) isn’t about health care. It’s about impressing stupid voters for the next election. If they can pass a repeal, they get big donations from the 1% on their next session in the Republican phone bank boiler room. Same boiler room the Democrats use, but they need 10 minutes after it’s empty to change the flags and posters before the next group comes in. After all the congress spends 40% of their time in the boiler room; they should get paid for it.

    We drove back from Tucson yesterday into one hell of a monsoon storm. Almost didn’t get out of VAil without a long detour due to flooded roads. Rained so hard by Ft. Huachuca I almost pulled over. When we got home, 4 miles down the road, dry. Go figure.

    As far as Patrick is concerned….

  4. khal spencer Says:

    That Deschutes does look nice. Have you written it up for Adventure?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I have, and it should appear in the August-September issue, which starts hitting mailboxes next week.

      The Co-Motion guys have been building bikes forever, and riding them for even longer, so it’s hard to go wrong with one of their rigs, especially if you let them pick out the bits for you.

      The big attraction for customers is that by going off the rack with the Deschutes you save money by doing without all the nifty custom tweaks that can make a bike dollar up on the hoof. You get one choice — the size you want.

      • khal spencer Says:

        We are pretty happy with the Primera tandem. Its beautiful (probably the same shade of red), the steel is fabulous, and most importantly, the co-captain likes it.

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